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Chapter 167: Poke Through It

An hour later, the police and Peng Sijue arrived. The network police sat down and plugged their laptop into the computer. It only took ten minutes to get the result before they said, "The other party should be using a wireless network with an IP address. An Internet cafe in Jinmao Road."

Chen Shi waved. "Go! Go there immediately!"

Everyone rushed to Jinmao Road and unexpectedly found that this was a market area. There was indeed an Internet cafe in it, which was exactly where the other party just stayed at.

Chen Shi asked Xu Xiaodong to go up and watch the surveillance video. He looked around and found that there were no other surveillance cameras except for the one at this Internet café. Also, the area was extremely noisy due to the foot traffic in the area.

Chen Shi pulled out his mobile phone and tried to connect to the wifi of this Internet cafe. He said, "The wifi coverage of this Internet cafe is very wide. You can avoid CCTV monitoring and surf the Internet because you only need a password."

Lin Dongxue said, "That person must have gone to the Internet Café before, so they know the password. Should I go up and check it out?”

Chen Shi shook his head. "There is too much foot traffic, so it's very difficult to check..." He looked down at the ground, suddenly took off his shoes, smelled them, and put them back on. He also told Peng Sijue to take off his shoes.

Peng Sijue asked, "What are you doing? What are you doing?" But was still forced to take off his shoes. Chen Shi smelled the soles of the shoes and smiled, "Fishy smell! People who have been here have a fishy smell on their feet. Immediately summon the employees of that film company. Say something urgent came up."

"Return my shoes!" Peng Sijue frowned.

Lin Dongxue said, "What if this person is not in the company?"

Chen Shi turned the shoes with his fingers and said, "It's okay. So many people will be eliminated at once that the rest will be easy to check. They only have a few hired actors... Let's go!"

"Old Chen, you bastard!" Peng Sijue hopped on one foot with the other behind him amidst the people.

All the employees of Zhendong Film Company received the notice and rushed to the company before long. Chen Shi bought a bag of disposable slippers from a convenience store downstairs and had all the people who entered the door change their shoes. Peng Sijue conducted some simple tests.

The plan seemed fool proof, but Lin Dongxue questioned it. "What if the person changed their shoes?"

This made Chen Shi stop in his tracks as he said, "Your mind is getting keener and finer. You’re right, this person wouldn’t be caught like this… Where’s Xiaodong?”

Lin Dongxue looked left and right. "Did you leave him at the Internet cafe in the market?"

Chen Shi helplessly sighed. Only Xu Xiaodong had seen the people of the company besides him. He said, "I will go downstairs and watch the front door myself. Ever

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