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Chapter 179: The Wanted Criminal Appears

Old Lady Liu opened her mouth but quickly stopped herself. After thinking for quite some time, she asked, “Will it affect Dog Egg’s schooling and job prospects in the future?”

“No. I assure you, it’s just to cooperate with the investigation.”

“What if the murderer takes revenge? I only have this grandson.”

“Rest assured. With our protection, you guys are absolutely safe!”

Old Lady Liu was relieved and touched Dog Egg’s head. “Dog Egg, tell everything you saw last night to uncle and aunty. They are the police. They are here to catch the bad guys.”

Dog Egg stared at Lin Dongxue with an alert look in his eyes. Chen Shi whispered, “Post traumatic stress disorder. It will take some time.”

Chen Shi said, “Old lady Liu, you can live in my house for now. The food, drinks, and accommodation will be provided by the police. They don't charge for money... Do you need to contact your family back home?”

“I want to make a phone call to my son,” Old Lady Liu said. She held Chen Shi's hand. “Master, it's a blessing that I must have had to accumulate over eight lives to have met you. You helped us yesterday and we’re troubling you again today. I’m so sorry.”

Chen Shi responded, “You're very welcome. Who asked me to be a friend of the police? I’ll give you my phone to make your call!”

After Old Lady Liu made the phone call, Chen Shi drove the two of them as well as Lin Dongxue back to his residence. The kitten Maoqiu saw the strangers coming in and went under the sofa with a squeak. Chen Shi vacated his bed for the two of them. He told them how to use some of the electrical appliances. The only regret was that there was no TV, but he told them that anything they wanted to watch could be searched for on the computer.

Old lady Liu was immensely grateful and expressed her gratitude. When she saw the ground was dirty, she picked up the broom and swept it up. Chen Shi said, “No need!”

Old Lady Liu smiled. “It's okay, I’m someone who can’t rest.”

After that, Chen Shi left her alone. Lin Dongxue said, “An old person who has been busy all their life. She is just like my grandmother.”

Chen Shi said a few things to Tao Yueyue and left 200 yuan of pocket change for her. He got ready to return to the bureau to continue investigating the case when Tao Yueyue pulled his clothes. Chen Shi crouched down and asked, “What's wrong?”

“Having people at home, I'm afraid.” Tao Yueyue glanced at the kitchen.

Chen Shi knew that Tao Yueyue had a huge sense of insecurity with strangers because of her childhood experience. He said, “Would you like to go to the bureau with us and come back together at night?”

Tao Yueyue thought about it and Chen Shi could tell that she was hesitating. She responded, “Don’t worry. I’ll stay at home and overcome it.”

“You’re such a good girl!” Chen Shi touched her head. “Don't bully that little brother.”

Back at the bureau, Lin Qiupu asked, “Wha

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