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Chapter 170: True Love Transfer

Chen Shi's shocking words made Lin Dongxue's eyes widen in surprise. "You mean..."

Chen Shi nodded and turned to Zhuo Xuan, whose face was pale. "You took Lu Zhendong's money and ‘transferred’ Cheng Yan to him, so he allowed you to visit her in confidence. Maybe you even hand-delivered her to this demon!”

"Bullshit! You’re saying bullshit!" Zhuo Xuan nearly had a mental breakdown.

"Why don’t you tell us the truth? We will never tell her. We’ll let her think that you were the perfect boyfriend who sacrificed for her. Whereas if you don’t tell me, I will tell her the truth. Of course, my reasoning may be a bit more exaggerated than the truth."

Zhuo Xuan broke out in cold sweat. Chen Shi's words broke his psychological defence. He finally spoke, "Lu Zhendong... promised to give me... 40 million!"

"Scum!" Lin Dongxue whispered.

"When?" Chen Shi asked.

"Half a month ago, he found me and offered this condition. I blatantly refused it at first, but when he increased the price to 40 million... I couldn't make so much money in my life. I think if it were someone else, they’d do the same…”

"Don't treat others the same as you!" Lin Dongxue spat in contempt.

"Go on." Chen Shi urged.

Zhuo Xuan's eyes were wet and his lips began trembling. Even his voice was shaky. "Of course, I feel very uncomfortable in my heart, but when I thought about using this money to treat my mother, buying a house for my family, and completing my own movie dream, I was tempted. I asked Cheng Yan to come out that day and was nonchalant the whole time while we were walking. I couldn’t take in anything that she said. Then when I was sending her home, Lu Zhendong drove to me. When Lu Zhendong got to us, Cheng Yan and I were on the road still getting to her house… It was me… I dragged her into the car. Lu Zhendong gave her a shot with a syringe. He smiled and said to me, “Relax, I’ll treat her very well. Win-win for the both of us!”

"Then, Cheng Yan disappeared completely. I went to her house every night but found that her window was never lit. I couldn’t get through to her phone. I found Lu Zhendong and asked him what happened. Lu Zhendong smiled and told me, 'The little girl is very shy and plays hard to get. I need to spend some time on her.'”

"I grabbed his collar and asked, ‘What did you do to her?'”

"He said, ‘Easy, take easy[1]! I can’t hurt her. How can I hurt her if I like her so much?’”

"I asked, ‘Where is she?’"

"Lu Zhendong replied, 'At my house! Haii, let me tell you the truth. I recently watched a foreign movie. A man locked up a woman and raised her like a pet. Slowly, the woman began to love him... Don't look at me like that, I'm not a psycho. This is necessary. Understand? I assure you that I won’t hurt her. Just training!’”

"I was disgusted. When I think about how I pushed Yanyan into this fire pit with my own hands, I really hated myself! So, I unconsciously started wat

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