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Chapter 162: Hidden Treasure in the Golden House

Chen Shi stopped the video at the moment Lu Zhendong passed by. He went back and played it again, then again, and then again.

Lu Zhendong did two things when he passed the gate of the community: He swiped his access card and nodded his head in greeting.

However, due to the angle, only one hand picking up the access card and Lu Zhendong's jaw moving a little could be seen.

The access card was infrared-sensitive and did not need to be put all the way up. As long as it was aligned with the sensor, the bar at the gate of the community would have been lifted.

After looking at it four or five times, someone found something suspicious. "The position of the hand is wrong. It seems that it wasn’t Lu Zhendong's hand but is stretching from the back."

"I noticed that too."

Chen Shi exclaimed, "Yes! Can this video be adjusted so that the contrast is higher?"

The policeman operated the playback software. As the contrast increased, the grains of the picture became more and more dense, giving people a creepy feeling. The conference room was extremely quiet as Chen Shi continuously directed, "Go forward one frame… One frame forward... Stop!"

Staring at the picture, many people inhaled sharply.

In the frame where Lu Zhendong nodded, a hand appeared on his chin. It was a hand in black gloves. Due to the dim light in the car and the shadow of Lu Zhendong's chin, it was difficult to see under normal circumstances.

The gesture of nodding his head at the security guard was exactly done by this hand supporting his chin.

Chen Shi concluded, "Lu Zhendong, who was in the car at that time, was dead, and the murderer was preparing to get him out of the residence."

Xu Xiaodong asked, "How do the dead drive?"

"This is a German car. The car is very spacious. The driver's seat can seat two people. Lu Zhendong's body is leaning on the driver. From the perspective of security and surveillance monitors, it is as if he’s sitting in the driver's seat."

"Seat two people? Wouldn’t that be too crowded?" Someone objected.

"It's okay if you're petite, like a petite woman." Another police officer suggested.

Lin Dongxue analyzed, "The human head is very heavy, but this hand can hold the head with one hand, indicating that this person has some strength. It may be a man."

Xu Xiaodong said, "I found that this hand is the right hand. This person should have been behind the driver’s seat… It should have also been this hand who aligned the access card as well.”

This showed that there were three people in the car at the time. The driver, the body of Lu Zhendong, and the person lying behind the driver's seat.

Chen Shi rewound the video to the earliest time period and watched through the video again with faster playback speed. Shortly after Jia Xingyun left, a black motorcycle appeared at the door with a rider in a black leather suit. Because the community had security g

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