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Chapter 175: Wang Xifeng's Death

After being driven out of Internet cafes, restaurants, and KTVs a few times like a wild dog, Old Lady Liu finally found a place where she could stay overnight and not be driven away. This was because there wasn’t anyone there. It was a self-service ATM area next to the bank.

Old Lady Liu was hugging Dog Egg and sitting on the floor which was covered with newspapers. She wasn’t even sure what time it was. The cars outside became scarcer and scarcer and the street lights gave off a cold vibe. It was very uncomfortable to sleep while sitting but her sleepiness washed over her anyway.

Suddenly, Dog Egg said, "Grandma, I want to pee."

"Piss in the bushes outside."

Dog Egg went out, but Old Lady Liu was too sleepy and dozed off almost immediately.

After a while, a truck drove past and woke Old Lady Liu. She suddenly realized that Dog Egg was not by her side. She was so scared, she broke out in cold sweat and immediately went outside to look for him.

"Dog Egg! Dog Egg!"

Old lady Liu was so anxious that she unknowingly walked to the Red House Community. In the security guard’s office, the security guard had fallen asleep on his stomach.

Old lady Liu thought that Dog Egg might have come here and called out in a low voice while walking around in the community, "Dog Egg! Dog Egg!"

Suddenly, a figure broke into her field of vision. She ran over in joy, hugged Dog Egg and wept. "Where did you go? You scared me to death!"

Dog Egg didn’t speak. It seemed like something was wrong.

She looked up and saw that Dog Egg’s face was red as if something had stained it. His clothes were also red.

The red stains had also transferred onto it.This smells like… Blood!

Old Lady Liu took his hand and asked, "What happened? Where are you hurt?"

Dog Egg remained silent, but two teary eyes shimmered in the night.

"Ah, a murder! Someone please come!" There was a woman's scream in the building like nails scratching on glass, breaking the peace in the night.

Old Lady Liu looked at her grandson in disbelief and wiped the tears from his face with her fingers. "Dog Egg, what did you do? Speak. Speak!”

No matter how hard she shook her grandson's shoulders, Dog Egg looked like he had received a huge shock and refused to say anything.

Early the next morning, Lin Qiupu, Lin Dongxue, Peng Sijue, and Xu Xiaodong stood in a messy, blood-stained apartment. A woman in pajamas was lying on the bed with her throat cut open with her head tilted back as if it was about to break. Her dying pose was her covering her throat with both of her hands.

In the living room was the body of another woman who had been stabbed in the back quite a few times. Blood stained her pajamas pink. From her posture, it seemed like she had tried to crawl towards the door to seek help.

Lin Qiupu observed, "The deceased are two women. This one in the living room is called Wang Xifeng, 32 years old and unempl

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