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Chapter 180: Mr. Jia

Chen Shi picked up the picture of Ji Chunma sandwiched in the case file. It was a fat man with fair skin and small eyes, making him seem very shady.

Chen Shi sighed. “If this ransom wasn't given away in the first place, there wouldn't have been a case of spontaneous killing over greed.”

He wasn't talking to himself. While he was looking through the case file, Peng Sijue was silently holding a tray and seating himself opposite of Chen Shi. Peng Sijue had a pet peeve and didn't like to eat with a bunch of people, so he only had lunch at three in the afternoon.

Smelling the sweet and sour pork ribs, Chen Shi unconsciously picked up chopsticks and grabbed a piece to eat.

“If I remember correctly, the money was marked by the police. How did he escape with the money for five years?” Peng Sijue asked as he picked up his chopsticks.

Chen Shi spit out the bone of the pork rib. “Maybe the bank didn’t take note of it? But this guy isn’t a fuel-saving lamp. He is an ex rich second generation whose father went bankrupt. Would six million be enough for five years? Especially since he bought a house in Long'an and raised two mistresses while in hiding?” He grabbed another piece of sweet and sour pork rib with his chopsticks.

“The clues that are appearing now are telling us that this case has other hidden properties... I will beat you if you continue eating!”

“I’m just taste testing for you.” Chen Shi shamelessly stretched out his chopsticks again.

Peng Sijue covered the bowl with his hand. “Thanks, but no thanks. Captain Lin found a very interesting video. Everyone is discussing it right now. Are you sure you don't want to watch it?”

“It's not soft enough. It's not as delicious as I make it.” Chen Shi returned the chopsticks back to Peng Sijue.

Looking at the few pieces of sweet and sour pork ribs left in the bowl, Peng Sijue smiled wryly. “Shameless guy... Hey, your case file!”

“Help me return it to the archives room please. Thank you!” Chen Shi said without looking back.

Everyone was watching a video in the conference room that was provided by the Bank of China. The video showed that from 9:30 to 10:00 last night, a fat man in a hat stood in front of the ATM to withdraw and deposit money repeatedly.

“Who is this?” Chen Shi sat down next to Lin Dongxue.

“Ji Chunma!”

“His body is a bit fatter than five years ago. What a positive person to be able to put on weight while being on the run.” Chen Shi sighed.

The bank video showed that the man kept a card belonging to Wang Xifeng and kept depositing and withdrawing 10,000 yuan until the daily withdrawal limit was reached. He stood like this for half an hour in front of the ATM.

There was a kind of scamming trick that spread over the Internet. By sticking double-sided tape to the banknotes, depositing them and taking them out one by one, it was possible to stick extra banknotes together to withdraw more.

Some police off

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