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Chapter 165: A Trap

Later, Lu Qixing wore handcuffs and was taken away by the police. Before his departure, his eyes were very tragic and resentful as he said to Chen Shi, "No one has dared to do this to me except Song Lang! I have no friendship with you anymore. If you do whatever you want in the future, I’ll sue you for breaking into the house!”

"Safe travels along the way. This time, even your lawyer can't protect you," Chen Shi said.

After he was taken away, Lin Dongxue said, "Listening to my brother, Song Lang was very righteous and he never let anything slide. When investigating the case of Lu’s second son’s kidnapping, he found out some of the bad things that the Lu Group did and asked Old Man Lu for tea five times."

"Five times?" Chen Shi acted surprised. "It seems I have to work hard."

"Oh, you!" Lin Dongxue laughed. "This time alone is enough for him to drink a whole pot."

Chen Shi made a gesture. "Let’s take a look at Sun Shenyou's residence."

They went back to the neighborhood where Lu Zhendong lived and found Sun Shenyou's house. It was a small single room. They opened the door with the key found in the electric box and saw that the house was messy. Condoms and balls of tissue could be seen in the trash can at a glance. There was even a bra and women’s underwear on the sofa.

Because there had been no ventilation for a long time, the smell in the house wasn’t particularly nice. Chen Shi covered his nose and said, "This Mr. Sun seems to be very friendly with others!"

"He’s a scumbag! He has a wife but is still fucking around outside," Lin Dongxue said scornfully.

They looked inside and out, but there was nothing particularly noteworthy except for the mess there. Chen Shi went to visit the neighbors. Unfortunately, they all kept to themselves and no one paid attention to this house.

Chen Shi sat on the sofa and lit a cigarette. "I have a suspicion that the murderer killed Sun Shenyou and hid the corpse along with the guitar, which created the illusion of Sun Shenyou killing Lu Zhendong and stealing the guitar."

Lin Dongxue said, "Is there a possibility that Sun Shenyou himself is the murderer? I saw in the project group chat that after the accident, Sun Shenyou bought several airplane tickets, train tickets and bus tickets to other places."

"It's just a blindfold set up for us. I have confirmed that his ID card has not left a record at any airport, train station, or bus station that can leave Long'an. There is another thing besides this..."

Chen Shi stood up to open the closet, took out an old belt, and put it around his waist. The eyelet often inserted by the owner was significantly larger than Chen Shi’s waist.

Lin Dongxue immediately understood. "Sun Shenyoue is fat while the people in the surveillance footage were thin."

"Yes, and you see the freshly bought wine and food in the refrigerator? The computer and bed are also new. The calendar on the wall stopped on Februa

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