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Chapter 247: Personal Grudges

Chen Shi said, “I don't want to go to that kind of place! Also, you were arrested in the last two days, and caused trouble for me!”

The man patted Chen Shi's shoulder and laughed, “I’m a man. Was I born with a cock, only to use it for peeing? That was a pretty unlucky day. I had just taken off the woman's clothes when the police came. I was so angry. I was going to let it all out today. Surely, I won’t be as unlucky as last time, right?”

“Can you not? Stop messing around!”

“Ah, Officer Song, you’re the one stealing my identity, aren’t you? Why should I listen to you? It is my freedom to do as I like - Even to kill and set fire[1]!”

Chen Shi sighed helplessly, “I’ll give you money. Can you leave Long'an?”

“That's why you're looking for me today? How much?”


“Are you making fun of me?”


“Add another zero and I might think about it.”

“I only have 500,000 in my savings. Take it or leave it.”

“Haha!” The man laughed and patted Chen Shi's shoulder. “Officer Song, I actually admired you very much in the past. You have become me now. I feel like I’m dreaming, as if I’ve become a detective. I won’t take your money. I went missing in the past few years because I was selling drugs in the Golden Triangle[2]. I made a lot of money. I will return there when I finish handling my affairs here.”


“Haha, look at your reaction! I’m just joking with you. Actually, I’ve been helping to collect loan shark debts in Hunan in recent years. By the way, you're called Chen Shi, and I'm also called Chen Shi. It's strange. Call me by this name!” The man took out an identity card with his face on it, but his name was Wang Daji.

Chen Shi raised his eyebrows. “You have two ID cards, but you gave the name “Chen Shi” when you were arrested?”

“Of course! I won’t use my real name for embarrassing things... Yes, Wang Daji is my real name now, mainly because I’ve done some things, and both black and white sides[3]are after me now.”

Chen Shi had a headache.What kind of a guy is this?

Wang Daji said, “Let's go. We should go to the Prosperity Club. The girls there are beautiful.”

“Get lost. I have to pick up the child!”

“Oh, you have children? Your child is my child. Let’s go together!”

“Leave me your contact details. I’ll come back and talk to you later.”

“No, you can come to the Prosperity Club at eight o'clock in the evening. See you there!” Wang Daji opened the car door and left.

“Asshole, don’t go!” Chen Shi yelled as he continued to leave.

Chen Shi went to school to pick up Tao Yueyue. She saw that he was deep in thought, and asked, “Uncle Chen, have you quarreled with Sister Lin?”

“It's more serious than that.”

“Oh... If it’s personal, I won't ask.”

“What a good girl! Yueyue, don't ever lie in the future. A lie often requires countless lies to back it up.”

“You adults always do the wrong things and then try to ed

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