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Chapter 250: Making A Little Money Respectably[1]

Chen Shi said indignantly, “You can’t do anything right, can you? Didn’t you realize how important that thing was?”

Wang Daji argued, “Before they came to me, how could I have known that there was a secret in the USB flash drive?”

“Which company was it?”

“Yuhua Pharmaceutical Company.”

Chen Shi searched using his mobile phone, and a piece of news jumped out at him. A batch of drugs from this drug company had killed nine patients. After the family members of the patients filed a joint lawsuit, the company compensated them with a total of three million yuan.

The date of the news was five years ago. In this era of overflowing information, it has been quite a long time since it was mentioned.

Chen Shi asked Wang Daji, “Did you take the USB drive four years ago?”

“To be precise, it was three years ago, it was almost New Year then.”

“This company killed people five years ago but things have already been resolved. What else can they hide? Is it some other shady thing?”

“I've traveled extensively all these years, and I've seen a lot in my time. The bigger companies’ backgrounds aren’t clean at all. It's just a matter of hiding their dirt. They’re not even as clean as us triads... At least we are transparent in our bad deeds.”

Tao Yueyue interjected, “Uncle Chen, since it is something that shouldn’t be exposed, why did they leave evidence behind?”

“Adults are speaking. Children should be quiet.” Wang Daji said impatiently.

“Do not speak to Tao Yueyue like that!” Chen Shi warned.

“You teach children to be like...”

“Shut up!” Chen Shi turned to Tao Yueyue, explaining, “This is because this information is also very important to them. For example, the accounts book of the corrupt official. He needs to keep his own accounts. If he collects people’s money and does nothing for them, he will offend people. In a nutshell, this information is more important than the risk, so it was preserved.”

“Since it was in the USB flash drive, does that mean it was also on the computer?”

“Maybe...” Chen Shi asked Wang Daji, “Continue your story. How did your brother die?”

“Not long after that happened, he was hacked to death one day and died in an alley. Do you know who handled this case?”

“It's definitely not me, otherwise I would remember it.”

“It was handled by Li Mu. Do you know this officer? The case has still not been resolved. Your police force’s case-solving rate is really too shabby.”

“Why didn't you provide any leads at the time?”

“Because I also have a case on me!” Wang Daji grinned, “I have to hide when I see the police. How can I take the initiative to go up to them? But I know that it must be Yuhua who killed him to keep his mouth shut. Since I offended them, I had to run away. Coming back this time, I intend to avenge my brother. To be honest, when I went to the health club that day, I had an army knife on me and was ready to

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