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Chapter 237: Suspected Murder

Lin Dongxue was afraid that the stepmother would get too emotional. She said, “I want to visit Jiang Ming's room.”

“Okay! I'll take you there.”

Upon entering Jiang Ming's room, Lin Dongxue felt like it was a completely different story. On the wall was an artistic photo of Jiang Ming in his childhood, which looked like a tiger’s head and a tiger’s brain[1]. On the table was a luxurious computer and many comic books were thrown around the place. There was leftover snack packaging still in the trash.

The stepmother said awkwardly, “The house is still messy and hasn't been cleaned up yet. The two children are missing, so I have no mood to clean up.”

“Did Jiang Ming say anything on the day of the disappearance?”

“He didn’t say much. He stayed up late the night before to study. He was late in getting up the next morning and rushed to school after getting up.”

“Where do they go to school?”

“Both of them are in Experimental Middle School, one in junior high and one in high school.”

“Has Jiang Ming told you anything recently?”

“Oh yes, he said that he wanted to have a cat. I didn't agree with it. The junior high school studies are so intense. How would he have time to raise a cat? My Ming Ming may be in a period of rebellion. We don’t communicate much. He stays in his room all day. In order to understand the children, I did a lot of homework. I often went to their school to talk to the teachers about what they’re like. My Ming Ming liked to play King of Glory. I was afraid that he was using his brain too much, so I bought him some health care. This box is worth a thousand yuan…”

As soon as the son was mentioned, the stepmother began to ramble on about her son again. Lin Dongxue stopped her immediately and asked, “How is the relationship between the sister and the brother?”

“What can they be like? They keep to themselves. They rarely talk except for at the dinner table… They used to play together as children, but when they grew up, it’s inevitable that they have their own personal space.”

“Jiang Hui's diary mentioned some things and I want to check them with you.”

“Okay, just ask.”

“On one occasion, Jiang Ming took Jiang Hui's USB flash drive to go to an internet cafe to copy something from a game and deleted a homework document made by Jiang Hui. Jiang Hui was very angry and went home to fight with him, but you scolded Jiang Hui.”

“Was that the case?”

“Remember carefully.”

“Oh, I remember once they had a quarrel and mentioned USB or something. I was calling someone at the time and when I heard that the living room was too noisy, I said a few words to Jiang Hui and asked why as an elder sister she didn’t know how to share with her brother a little.”

“The diary said that you didn't just say a few words, but you said to her, ‘If you still don’t act your place, I’ll get you to fuck off sooner or later!’”

“No, no!” The stepmother desperately denied.

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