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Chapter 240: Fun While Having a Meal

Peng Sijue went back to the office to turn off the lights and shut the door. He found Lin Dongxue standing here. Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi looked at each other in surprise and asked, “Why are you here?”

“I promised Captain Peng to a meal before. I often bother him, so I wanted to express my gratitude.” Chen Shi reasoned on the spot.

“What are you guys eating?”

“Steak. Let’s go together!”

“Steak?” Lin Dongxue hesitated. She didn't like western food very much.

“Otherwise Old Peng, let's go eat hot...” Chen Shi turned his face and noticed that Peng Sijue looked like he had frost on his face with how cold he looked.

“Okay, steak. Let’s have steak. I haven't eaten it for many years!” Lin Dongxue said, afraid of disrupting their relationship.

Peng Sijue asked, “Are you looking for something?”

“Captain Lin gave you a small brown bottle before. Has the contents been tested yet?”

“I let the assistant do it. No results yet.”

“I have a clue about this thing. It was stolen from school. A school chemistry lab.”

“I'll see for myself!”

Peng Sijue went to the poison appraisal room, picked up the small bottle, shook it, and wafted the scent over to his nose with his hand. Then, he stained a test paper with it, ignited it, and took some reagents to observe the reaction.

He quickly came to the conclusion. “Dimethyl sulfoxide, a sulfur-containing organic compound. It’s slightly toxic.”

“Would it be lethal if injected into the body?”

“It depends on the dosage.”

“A whole needle.”

“They’d die.”

Chen Shi asked Lin Dongxue, “What case is this?”

“Let's talk later!”

At the steakhouse, Lin Dongxue found that the steak was not as expensive as she thought. While waiting for the meal, she talked with Chen Shi about the case. Chen Shi concluded, “The girl didn't kill anyone. The motivation is not strong enough.”

“I think so too.”

“How do you know that the motivation is not strong enough?” Peng Sijue asked.

“First of all, her relationship with her younger brother isn’t that bad. Secondly, when taking into account her interests, she is more mature than her peers and wouldn’t do such a stupid thing. Lastly, from the things she’s written and the fact that she can talk to someone about it, it shows that her heart and spirit hasn’t broken yet.”

“But several people's narratives all have strong subjective tendencies. From these, it’s not enough to restore what she held in her heart.” Peng Sijue said.

“Let Dongxue continue to check!”

At this time, the steak was delivered. Chen Shi said to Peng Sijue, “Hurry and eat. You don’t need to be polite.”

Peng SIjue looked at him with scorn. “It's a set meal, so don't act as if you’re really polite.”

“You can order something else!”

“Waiter.” Peng Sijue flagged the waiter down and asked what red wine was in the store and which was the most expensive.

When he heard that the waiter say the

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