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Chapter 253: Algorithm?

Three years; Chen Shi had long become accustomed to this identity. When people talk about “Song Lang”, he seemed to be remembering another person who he was particularly familiar with, but that was not himself.

Chen Shi said faintly, “Anyway, life is short, as long as I can live comfortably, my identity is not important.”

“In case I die someday, I’ll need you to take care of my girl... What a good deal for you... But you can't let her know that you aren’t me. As long as she thinks I’m alive, that’s fine. In addition, here’s a card. The password is the last six digits of my phone number, which contains the money I have earned over the years. It’s not much. About one million. You can go and spend it. “

“What are you doing? Are you leaving behind your final words?”

“Mixed up in this type of life, I’ll pay for it sooner or later. I was sixteen years old when I first followed a brother and started fighting on the streets. It is enough that I’ve been able to bounce around to this day!”

“Stupid. Can't you just live with your wife somewhere where no one knows you?”

“Hahaha, just hold onto it. Hold on to it! My WeChat is tied to the card, and I can use it anytime I want. It's very convenient.”

Chen Shi accepted it reluctantly, and said, “Are you still hiding something from me?”

“Can’t I have any privacy?”

“Ah yes, you really have no leads left on the Yuhua company?”

“Um...” Wang Daji recalled, “I have to drink some alcohol to remember. Why don’t you accompany me?”

“I need to drive!”

“It doesn't matter if you just drink a bottle of beer.”

“Get lost!”

When the dishes arrived, Wang Daji made Chen Shi drink with him. Chen Shi could only drink sodas in lieu of alcohol. Three glasses of baijiu[1]later, Wang Daji looked rejuvenated. Up close, Wang Daji looked a little fat and his chin had a few bumps on it. It was likely because he didn’t live a regular healthy lifestyle.

“I sent my underlings over to shadow them the other day and I was told they were talking about arithmetic or something? Arithmetic, algorithm or formula?”


“Yes, yes, algorithm! What is an algorithm?”

“What kind of algorithm?”

“They mentioned words like company, revenue; I don't quite understand.”

Algorithm? Algorithm!

Chen Shi had always had some doubts. Since there was a problem with the formula of the drug, why did they still use it?

The medicine produced by Yuhua Company was twice as cheap as similar imported medicines and the most widely used in China. Basically, every hospital was using it. Although they were sued once five years ago, it seemed to have little effect on their sales. Things have long since faded from the public eye.

After dinner, Wang Daji went for a walk, saying that he hadn't returned to Long’an for several years. Chen Shi had no choice but to accompany him.

Passing by a toy store, Wang Daji bought a Barbie doll and said, “For theniece.

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