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Chapter 232: Branding of Shame

Volume 16: The Palm and Back of Hand are all Flesh

On April 3rd,[1]Lin Dongxue had been restless the whole way to work during the car ride.

Chen Shi had said last night that he would come right back, but he didn't come back home until 8:00. The food he cooked had already turned cold. After returning, he just frowned and didn’t say anything.

When Lin Dongxue tried to comfort him, he said, “Dongxue, you need to move out tomorrow. Don't live here anymore!”

Lin Dongxue felt choked up and cried with a pillow over her face the entire night. She even thought that Chen Shi didn’t feel the same way. Yesterday, they both held hands in the movie theater as well. Why did his attitude suddenly change 180 degrees? She really had no idea.

The most frustrating thing about going to work was encountering some personal problems and having to look strong and laugh when you got to the unit.

Lin Dongxue and the oncoming colleagues smiled and greeted each other. She sat on the desk and looked at the several cases on-hand waiting to be handled. Her eyes were fixed on the words on the file, but she couldn't actually see a single word. Her mind had already wandered elsewhere.

A memo note she put on her table a few days ago said to go and find Captain Peng to get a DNA identification report, so she went to the forensics department.

Captain Peng seemed to be doing an autopsy, so Lin Dongxue flipped through the documents by herself. She happened to see a case file from a few years ago with Song Lang’s name on it.

She often heard people mentioning Song Lang, but she didn’t know who this person was. Out of curiosity, she sat down and opened the file.

The case occurred three[2]years ago and there were several serial killings in Long’an City that occured over a two month period. There were two victims at each crime scene. Their relationships were that of couples, divorced lovers, father and son, etc. The murderer also left a distinctive criminal signature.

A victim photo with a burned neck was taken. It was an equilateral triangle with some strange patterns in the middle. It was like they were burned with a brandishing iron or something similar like that.

After a series of investigations, the police roughly locked onto a suspect named Zhou Xiao, but they never caught him.

At this time, the internal variables of the task force appeared. There was evidence that Song Lang was involved in the third murder. His fingerprints had appeared at the crime scene. Coincidentally, the victim of this murder was someone that Song Lang hadn’t arrested due to a lack of evidence. In other cases, people began to suspect that Song Lang took the opportunity to kill people by acting as a copycat killer.

The task force temporarily suspended Song Lang, but he continued to investigate it alone. One night, several gunshots alarmed the police. When the police arrived, they found Song Lang's partner Qin Luoxi and hi

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