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Chapter 245: Those Forgotten

Lin Dongxue asked, “How did Zhou Xiao find Lao Hei so accurately? He was more efficient than us police.”

Lin Qiupu explained, “Lao Hei's wanted order can be seen on the Internet, and the information regarding his identity is very detailed. Another thing is that he is gay and easy to find in the gay community.”

Peng Sijue added, “He wasn’t found in one go. In the past few days, several men have been killed in Long’an City. The method is very similar to Zhou Xiao’s. The only difference is that there was no branding of shame. It turned out that these men were all gay. “

Lin Dongxue said emotionally, “No humanity!”

Lin Qiupu sighed. “The troublesome guy is back. It seems that the case must be filed for investigation. I'll go and tell the chief.”

A few days later, Jiang Hui's body was found in the vegetable field behind Lao Hei's temporary residence. When she saw the little girl's body, Lin Dongxue couldn't help feeling sad.

The story was published in the newspaper with the headline “Girl in the flower season bravely sacrificed herself to save her younger brother.” At the same time, the TV station also did an interview program. In the program, the big screen held Jiang Hui's best-looking photo with a pair of braids as she smiled brightly.

The stepmother wiped her tears away while on the camera. “My family’s Hui Hui was a very obedient child and was usually very good to her brother. She always gave the best to her brother. Although I’m the stepmother, how can I not love such a child? I remember one time that our Hui Hui had a cold. She ran to the bathroom by herself and let me disinfect the house. She said that her grandparents were too old. In case they were infected, it would be terrible. Haii, she was such a kind and clever person. Why did God take her away?!”

The father said, “Hui Hui was poor when she was a child, so she became independent early on. She often helped with housework and she was a child that you didn’t have to worry much about. Although I am always busy with my work, I usually come back to accompany her and Ming Ming whenever I have time. Hui Hui’s birthday is July 18th. Every year on this day, no matter how busy I am, I will always buy a birthday gift for her. After all, she left her biological mother when she was a child. I need to love her a lot. My palm and back of the hand are both flesh! She’s very talented and loved reading, so I bought her the four masterpieces when she was in elementary school. She often wrote articles for publication. When she got her pay, she even bought a massage chair for her grandfather. Look, this is what she wrote in her diary – “My Dad”, and I’m so sad to see these words. I hope that Hui Hui’s tragedy won’t happen to other families. Thank you to the police for catching the killer!”

The teacher said, “Jiang Hui has always been an opinionated and responsible student. She has excellent grades in school. She didn’t have any learning p

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