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Chapter 243: Finding Jiang Ming

Lin Dongxue returned to Peng Sijue's car with a very frustrated expression. Peng Sijue glanced at her and said nothing to show concern.

Lin Dongxue said, “Have you had this experience before?”


“If you were eating a good cake and a cockroach suddenly appeared in the middle, wouldn’t it be disgusting?”

“I don't quite understand what you want to express.”

“Why do men need to go to this kind of place?”

“What kind of place?”

“Prostitute houses!”

“Liking good things is human nature[1]. Rather than saying that everyone has desires, it’s better to say that desire is the basis of human nature. But there are some people who have unlawful ways of venting this desire.”

“If your good friend goes to that kind of place, what would you think?”

“I wouldn’t think about it much. It's personal freedom and I don't scandalize it. It has nothing to do with me.”

Lin Dongxue said, “Captain Peng, you are really open-minded!” She glanced at the GPS navigation and said, “I want to go to Huaguang Community.”

“Chen Shi’s house?”

“Uh, forget it. Let's go home!” Lin Dongxue waved her hands again and again.

Peng Sijue glanced at her without asking more.

The disappearance of Jiang Hui and Jiang Ming had officially been classified as a criminal case. The case was formally transferred to the Public Security Bureau the next day. Lin Qiupu allocated some staff to Lin Dongxue.

The identity card incident was quickly found out. The sex worker bought Jiang Hui's ID card from a black-market vendor who sold it, and the information trafficker claimed that he had picked it up from a trash can.

The place where the ID was found was very close to the mall where the two children had been.

Lin Dongxue immediately thought of the cleaner and went to see her again. When Lin Dongxue asked her if she had picked up an ID card, the cleaner seemed very flustered, but she still denied it.

Lin Dongxue warned, “If you are not willing to tell the truth, I will ask you to assist the investigation at the bureau!”

“Don't do that! I don't want to leave any stains on my file. I'm afraid I won't find a job in the future.”

“Then be frank!”

“Officer, is it illegal to pick something up?”

“It is illegal to make a large amount of improper profits...” Lin Dongxue knocked on the mountain to scare the tiger first[2]. After the other party became panicked, she added, “Whether we sue you or not depends on your attitude.”

The trick she learned from her colleagues worked and the cleaner stammered, “I picked up a wallet that day, but there wasn’t much money in it. It only had a hundred or so yuan in it, so I took it.”

“Where's the wallet?”

“On the way to work, I dropped it in the trash.”

“What else was in the wallet?”

“Identity card and bank card. It was a girl.”

Lin Dongxue found Jiang Hui's photo from her mobile phone and asked, “Is this the girl?”

“It's her! Offi

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