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Chapter 251: Accidental Fall

Chen Shi arrived at the office and found Meng Ergou's case file in the archives. Meng Ergou was indeed hacked to death. The police identified it as a death caused by gang fighting. The suspect was a person who had beef with Meng Ergou. After the incident, the suspect disappeared and he was still a wanted man to this day.

Li Mu had always been cautious when handling cases and would not have been unjust. Chen Shi looked carefully at the evidence collection process and found nothing wrong with it.

He suspected that perhaps the case was not related to Yuhua Company at all, because Wang Daji couldn't produce any clear evidence. Everything was just his speculation.

Chen Shi went directly to investigating Yuhua Company and contacted the law firm that sued Yuhua Company that year. The receptionist said that the lawyer surnamed Liu who was in charge of the case, was not in Long’an in the morning, and was due to return in the evening.

Chen Shi couldn’t do anything about that, so he went to the information division to check on a few employees from the Yuhua Company.

The first person he checked was Ma Wanli, the CEO of Yuhua Company. He had five properties in Long’an.

The chief secretary Hou Yue left his job three years ago, but there was a discrepancy with what Wang Daji said. He had left before Meng Ergou died and currently had no fixed job.

The product manager, Zhu Jun, accidentally fell to his death three years ago.

Another person was someone Wang Daji had mentioned yesterday: an actuary named Yang Fen. Police information also showed that he fell down from a building accidentally three years ago.

After seeing this strange information, Chen Shi immediately rushed to the police station in charge of the case. The Criminal Police Consultant Card indeed came in useful there, and Chen Shi successfully obtained the case file he was after.

There were only a few pages in the entire file. When Zhu Jun fell, the door was locked. The only key was on Zhu Jun. Using the term from murder mysteries, it was a “locked room case”.

A half-bottle of wine and some side dishes were found in his room. According to the clues on the scene, he had tried to open the window after drinking, stumbled and fell.

Chen Shi picked up the photos and found that the deceased had fallen onto the ground with his back facing down and that there was a large amount of dust on his back. He noted down the location of the accident and rushed there to take a look.

The house had already been vacated and a real estate agency was overseeing the sale of the house. Chen Shi didn't bother with the intermediary. He pried open the lock and went in. This was a three-bedroom house with two living rooms, and the whole place was empty.

He stood in the center of the room, recalling the scene in the photos, and recreated every piece of furniture in his mind.

At the time, there was a table near the window, and the window w

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