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Chapter 248: You Can’t be Saved[1]

Chen Shi said, “What do you plan to do?”

“Find her and sort this out! By the way, I don't know her current address, so I have to ask you for help. You must have connections with the police, right?”

“I can find her, but don't do anything impulsive.”

“I won't! I'll just sew her up down there with a needle and thread... Haha, just kidding!” Wang Daji smiled, and patted Chen Shi's shoulder, “I love looking at your expressions. I love her very much; I won't do anything to her. I plan to give her money and let her leave this place.”


“If I fool you, then I’m a puppy[2].”

“What's your wife's name?”

“Su Ruijuan! This is her ID number...”

Chen Shi pulled out his cell phone and called a local policeman he had worked with before. After exchanging a few words, Chen Shi asked him to check Su Ruijuan's current address. The other party found it quickly and informed Chen Shi.

The two drove to the neighborhood, and along the way, Wang Daji boasted repeatedly about his “glorious deeds” over the past few years, and gave Chen Shia headache from listening to it. Those glorious deeds were all debts he had to bear.

Wang Daji looked for his wife's place in the neighborhood. When he found that his wife's window had the curtains closed, he yelled, “There must be someone at her home!” Then he went upstairs in a hurry.

Chen Shi hurried to catch up with him and stopped him before he was going to knock, “Calm down!”

“I'm calm!” Wang Daji gasped.

A couple were moaning licentiously in the room, and Wang Daji whispered, “Slut! Giving me a green hat again!”

“Adultery isn’t illegal. If you beat someone, it would break the law. Go downstairs. I'll deal with it.”


Wang Daji listened through the door and cursed while listening, “Slut, I don't know where the adulterer came from... Motherfucker, it’s lasting quite a while as well... She didn’t yell like that when she and I did the deed… I’m so angry!”

Next to him, Chen Shi listened to his muttering and thought that the guy had a unique hobby, so he didn’t bother to worry about him anymore.

He ran to the stairs above and sat smoking, waiting for Wang Daji to get things sorted out.

Wang Daji deliberately waited for the right opportunity. He said to Chen Shi, “I’ll wait for that guy to get to the point where he’s about to shoot his wad, and scare him so that he wilts, haha!”

Chen Shi rolled his eyes.

When he heard the man in the room start moaning loudly, Wang Daji pounded on the door wildly and shouted, “Su Ruijuan, open the door. Your man is back! Don't pretend like you’re not in. I know someone’s in there!”

After waiting for five minutes, the door opened, and Chen Shi saw a disheveled woman through the gaps in the staircase railings.

Wang Daji pushed past her and looked around, “Where is the man hiding?”

“What man? You didn’t come back for three years, leaving me alone to rot. Isn’t it

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