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Volume 17: World’s Biggest Lie

On April 12th, Chen Shi was handcuffed. Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong had been lowering their heads as they escorted him to the interrogation room. Many police officers ran out in surprise to watch and whispered to ask their companions, “What's wrong? Why is he getting arrested?”

Chen Shi's expression was not calm, but rather, it looked ice-cold, as if not to let others see through the feelings in his heart. He restrained every muscle on his face.

Peng Sijue rushed out with a large coffee stain on his body and his eyes widened, “Old Chen...”

Chen Shi smiled bitterly and shook his head slightly at him.

There was a movement in the crowd and Lin Qiupu went over. He walked to Chen Shi with a cold face and poked his chest with a finger. “You are not Chen Shi. Who exactly are you?”

Three days ago, Zhou Xiao's case was already set up with a task force. The chief paid special attention to Lin Qiupu’s case and asked for the “advisor with the surname Chen” to participate as well. “Good steel should be used on the blade[1].”

Chen Shi was invited again. He flipped through the case file, looked at the corpse, and said with confidence, “It was done by the same person! This guy would actually kill other serial killers. Perhaps he felt like a single mountain could not hold two tigers?”

Lin Qiupu said, “We have been inquiring in the gay-circle for the past two days and found that all the people who had seen Zhou Xiao's true face were killed. Now, they are all lying in the morgue. The scenes were clean and there’s no clues left for us at all.“

“What about a wanted warrant?”

“The rewards have been added over and over again, but nothing has progressed.”

“How difficult! I’ll be leaving now.”

“Hey, you’re not going to investigate the case?”

“I need to go back and think about it. Your great senior didn't figure it out either. What magical power would I have to find him all of a sudden?”

It was the first time Lin Qiupu saw Chen Shi admit defeat. This particular serial killer was tricky as well. Zhou Xiao was a serial killer without a fixed target. Even if they were the FBI, it would usually take years or even decades to hunt down a serial killer.

Chen Shi still had some private matters to deal with. A few days ago, Peng Sijue sent an inexplicable text message to him. “Dongxue seems to have seen you playing around with a prostitute. Go to the Longjiang police station and look for the evidence yourself!”

Chen Shi scowled. Of course he didn’t do that. He had already guessed what was going on.

The photo sent by Zhou Xiao was not him at all, but another Chen Shi, which could be said to be the real Chen Shi. The intention was very clear. He intended to expose Chen Shi's fake face.

He went to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yang and asked him why the owner of this face appeared in Long’an again. He also went to find prostitutes trying to get arrested as well. Dr. Yang said he was innoce

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