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Chapter 236: The Missing Children

Lin Dongxue hurried to mediate in order to prevent the family from quarreling further.

She decided to ask them individually. Of course, the first was the head of the family, the children's father. The two went to Jiang Hui's room. Lin Dongxue's first impression was that Jiang Hui was a very rebellious girl.

There were many posters of rock stars posted all over the room, and the books on the shelves were all of horror. The upper column was full of novels and the bottom shelf was full of magazines such as “Cowards”, “Boys and Girls”, and “Terrorists”.

What stood out on the table was a skull-shaped pen holder.

Lin Dongxue asked, “What kind of child was Jiang Hui?”

“Well, officer... Can I smoke?”

“As you please!”

The father lit a cigarette and sighed. “I blame myself. I was busy with my business for the first couple of years after I married. I rarely had a chance to accompany my daughter and her mother at home. I was born in the countryside and life was really hard. When I came to Long’an, I started up a business by myself. From setting up a stall, to operating a store, to now owning my own company, I have worked hard with lots of suffering throughout the years. I’m a man, right? It’s what I have to do. I can’t take care of both my family and business. I had to do lots of socializing outside and I often couldn’t come home…”

Lin Dongxue interrupted him. “Sorry, what I want to hear is about Jiang Hui.”

“Oh, sorry! Jiang Hui is a very clever child. When she was in elementary school, she won the first prize in the calligraphy competition. She’s someone I don’t have to worry over. I may not have been a responsible father because I was always out networking and negotiating business, but her relationship with her biological mother had never been that good. I have never missed a payment for their living expenses. If I earn 10,000, I’d give them 6,000. Jiang Hui has not missed anything monetary since she was a child. She was three when I met Hua Mei, which is my current wife. At the time, my original partner and I quarreled so much that she even stopped the car to grab onto Hua Mei’s hair. It was very ugly to look at.”

“I admit that Ming Ming's mother was originally a little three[1], but she was more supportive of my career. I am not the kind of scum like people think who abandon their partner after they get rich. I didn’t even have that much money at the time. When raw rice had already turned into cooked rice[2] and I got her pregnant, I formally divorced my ex-wife. Hui Hui was awarded to me. Although I didn’t go home often, I have never neglected Hui Hui financially since birth. I bought her everything she wanted. I know I've never shown favoritism or been partial to any one of them. I'm just a bowl of water for the two children to share equally...”

Lin Dongxue sighed softly.Isn't this still just him talking about himself?

Lin Dongxue asked, “Can I please ask what day

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