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Chapter 254: I Like You

Lin Dongxue was holding her pancakes as she walked with Chen Shi on the road next to the bureau. Chen Shi said, “Aren't you still angry with me?”

“Why should I be? We already know that it was a misunderstanding... But you used to be a hoodlum so you must have gone to those kinds of places often?” “I did, but I reformed myself long ago so you can be rest assured!” Chen Shi had no choice but to own up to such a past.

“How funny,why should I need to be rest assured?”

“I'm your team’s consultant. If I ruin my reputation, it would tarnish the team’s reputation, which would in turn tarnish yours. So on behalf of your organization, please rest assured!”

Lin Dongxue smiled, “Okay. Reformed, right? I’m reassured then!” Then she rolled the eaten pancake’s wrapping into a ball and threw it into the trash.

“There’s something sticking to your mouth.”

“Where?” Lin Dongxue desperately wiped the wrong side.

“Come here.”

Chen Shi reached out and helped her to remove the crumbs from the corner of her mouth. At that moment, the two were standing under a plane tree. There was little traffic in the street, and the morning light had just awakened the city.

Lin Dongxue looked at Chen Shi's eyes and said, “I'm upset with you. It's not because of anything... It’s just… I just think that I've known you for so long, so... That ...” She couldn't find a suitable word for what she wanted to express.

“I know. You like me.”

Lin Dongxue's face suddenly turned red and her eyes looked elsewhere. “Of course. I also like Captain Peng, Xiaodong, and Old Zhang...”

“I also like Captain Peng, Xiaodong, and you.”

Although Chen Shi had said that he liked her before, she could feel that the meaning this time was different.

While no one was looking, Chen Shi held Lin Dongxue's face with both hands. Lin Dongxue couldn't help but close her eyes, but the beautiful moment she anticipated didn't happen. Chen Shi suddenly retracted his hands; Lin Dongxue looked in the direction he was looking at. Lin Qiupu had just walked out of the parking lot, saw the two of them standing together and ran over.

Lin Qiupu saw that Lin Dongxue's face was flushed to her ears and asked Chen Shi, “Are you two arguing?”

“No!” Lin Dongxue blushed even more.

“You... Come here with me!” Lin Qiupu dragged Chen Shi aside, and then put up his fists as they talked for quite some time.

When Chen Shi returned, Lin Dongxue asked, “What did my brother say to you?”

“Basically, he told me not to bully you.”

“You think you can bully me? If you dare to bully me, I will hit you!” Lin Dongxue waved her fist around.

“Oh, have mercy!”

“Don't you run away!”

Lin Dongxue chased Chen Shi all the way back to the gate of the bureau before turning serious again.

Lin Qiupu, who hadn’t left but was hiding in a small bush, watched in surprise. He said to himself, “No? Really? They’ve made up with each other?”

That day

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