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Chapter 233: Three Photos

Chen Shi didn't go flag down customers today, but was instead driving around in the city.

He had three photos in his hand. It was what the mysterious boy had given him in an envelope. The first was of Tao Yueyue, the second was of Lin Dongxue, and the third was of himself.

All three photos had red crosses over them and they were all photos taken secretly. The intention of the other party was obvious. This was a silent threat.

Recently, he had solved many cases. It was not ruled out that a suspect's relatives or friends did it, but he always had a lingering face in his heart - Zhou Xiao!

He had considered it for a whole night yesterday. Should he no longer assist in solving cases from now on? Move away from Long'an? No, evasion won’t solve the problem. But if he didn’t evade, someone would die. The hints in the photos were blatantly clear. Either Tao Yueyue or Lin Dongxue would die.

He picked up the photos and looked for where the shot was taken. Tao Yueyue usually had a simple life. It was easy to determine the angle of the sneak shot, which was an alleyway on her way to school.

He couldn’t tell with Lin Dongxue’s photo.

He couldn’t figure out his own either. The person in the photo seemed a bit strange to him, but then again, it wasn’t his own face to begin with.

After driving around for almost a day, Chen Shi returned home in the afternoon. He was exhausted and just wanted to go home for a drink.

When he got downstairs, a truck was unloading furniture. Chen Shi didn't think much about it. He went straight upstairs. The door opposite them was open. A beautiful lady with glasses was standing there. Chen Shi looked behind her. The room was empty.

“New here?” Chen Shi asked.

“Hello, my name is Gu You. We’ll be neighbors from now on.” The beauty stretched out her hand and Chen Shi shook hands with her.

The workers moved the sofa up the stairs. The corridor was very narrow. Gu You flashed to Chen Shi's side. The jasmine perfume on her body drifted into Chen Shi's nose. Chen Shi glanced at her. Her figure was unbelievably good.

“Sorry, can I go to your house for a while? I’m estimating that the move won’t be finished for quite a while,” Gu You laughed.

“Don't you need to watch over them in person? Just in case your furniture scratches against each other.”

“It doesn't matter. It's not worth much anyway.”

“Then... Feel free to come in!”

Entering Chen Shi's house, Gu You looked around. “Wow, the house is pretty good. It’s bigger than mine.”

Chen Shi poured her a glass of water. “Did you buy the house?”

“Yeah, I bought it. I heard that it will be demolished. Is that true?”

“It will take quite a few years though.”

“You live alone?”

“No...” Chen Shi hesitated, not knowing what to say. “I have a daughter.”

“Single dad?”

Chen Shi took a bottle of Red Label from the refrigerator and poured himself a cup. Gu You said, “Sorry, can I hav

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