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Chapter 239: A Girl with Character

When they got to the ice cream tea shop outside the school, Gao Xiang kept asking Lin Dongxue about which flavor of ice cream was delicious. Lin Dongxue said, “Please pick one out for yourself. I don't eat this stuff.”

“Is Sister afraid of getting fat? You are in great shape!” Gao Xiang said charmingly.

“Can we speak seriously?”

“Sure!” Gao Xiang deliberately sat up straighter. “You can ask now. I promise to let you know everything.”

“What's your relationship with Jiang Hui?”

“Classmates, friends, buddies!”

“More than that, right? Your class teacher reported that Jiang Hui once said in the office that she liked you.”

“She was deliberately annoying the teacher of the class. I really don’t know who coined the term 'early love'. The school doesn’t teach you how to fall in love. Is it better for people who have graduated to fall in love? This phrase is very cool, huh? Jiang Hui was the one who said it. She’s very talented. She often writes novels and scripts to earn money. She’ll invite us out to eat as well. I’m really just friends with her, but we can talk about anything. Let me tell you a secret… I actually like girls like Sister here!”

Lin Dongxue deliberately put on a poker face and asked indifferently, “Has Jiang Hui mentioned anything about her family?”

“Yeah! Her stepmother is a psycho. She often scolds her and says nasty stuff. Sometimes, she even hits Jiang Hui, but she never hits her in front of her grandparents. Jiang Hui hates her the most and wanted her to die. She even discussed with me how to kill someone.”

“Are you sure that wasn't for the novel?”

“Maybe... Jiang Hui also said this: Every time she wanted to kill her stepmother, she would write a novel. She feels more comfortable after earning money.”

“How much does she earn in a month?”

“One or two thousand. She used it to buy CDs and books. She really likes to read books, unlike me.”

“How did you two get to know each other?”

“I can’t tell you actually. We often talk together. On several occasions, she got angry with her stepmother at home and ran out to find me. I treated her to beer... There’s really nothing between us. Jiang Hui has someone she likes and I also have… several girlfriends. I feel more relaxed with her. It’s like I’m with my brothers.”

“What about her relationship with her brother?”

“Very good. I think they often talk with each other and sometimes they even leave school together. I even asked her whether she was doing German orthopedics[1].”

“What German ancient lessons[2]?”

“Oh, this is a slang term. You can find out the meaning by checking it online. Let me continue talking about Jiang Hui! Jiang Hui seems very cool, but deep down I know she’s sad and bitter at heart. When she was a child, her parents divorced, and her father had another child with the little three[3]. The family also blatantly favors the son. Let me tell you something so that you un

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