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Chapter 244: Serial Killer Appears

The eyes of the people in the room focused on Lin Dongxue's face again. Lin Dongxue recalled the clothing of the mall security and asked, “Was he wearing a hat? Was there an epaulette on his shoulder?”

“Without a hat, but his clothes were similar to a police officer.”

“That should be a security guard then!”

“I thought security was also a kind of police...” Jiang Ming mumbled.

Lin Dongxue immediately went out to call the task force to rush to the mall to control the security guard. She informed them that she would arrive shortly after.

In addition, she called Lin Qiupu to explain the situation. Lin Qiupu was silent for a few seconds and then said, “Choosing a little boy, this may be a cross-provincial wanted criminal!”

There was a loud cry in the room. It was the stepmother. She cried and said, “Hui Hui, I always knew that you were a good child. I blame myself for not being good enough to you before!”

Grandma was wiping her tears away as well.

The class teacher standing at the door rubbed his eyes as well and said, “Jiang Hui is a brave and responsible student. I will tell everyone back at school about her heroic deeds. No, I’ll tell the newspaper outlets!”

Lin Dongxue left without a word.

As she walked downstairs, there was the sound of falling objects. Jiang Ming shouted, “Enough! Don't pretend anymore. When Sister was alive, you werehave never been good to her!”

There was a “dong dong dong” noise in the corridor as Jiang Ming rushed out without a coat. Lin Dongxue stopped him. “Where are you going?”

Jiang Ming stopped. “I don't know.”

“There may still be bad people outside, so please don't run around, okay? We need your help to solve the case.”

Jiang Ming nodded. “You know everything about Sister, right?”

“I know.”

“Don't believe what they say. They have never been nice to my sister. My mother gave me the best things since I was a child. The bad and rotten were always given to my sister. As long as our grandparents weren’t at home, she would use such harsh words on her. She scolded my sister and told her to die. I heard my sister crying in the room on more than one occasion. I am sad, but I can’t do anything for my sister. Sometimes, I feel that I owe her because I came to this world. That's why she lived a life full of pain.”

“You don't have to blame yourself. It's not your fault!”

“My father is trash!” Jiang Ming cried. “I hate them! When I see them acting right now, I feel sick!”

Lin Dongxue had a wave of sadness wash over her. She rushed over and hugged him. “Nobody can choose their parents, but you will soon grow up. Treasure the life that your sister exchanged for hers!”

Jiang Ming cried as he nodded. “Will you catch the bad guy?”

“You’ll be the first person I tell when we catch him.”

When Lin Dongxue arrived at the mall, the police had already called all the security guards and asked for their alibis. A securit

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