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Chapter 242: Who Died?

The forensics team took the blood sample back and Lin Dongxue went to find the Jiang family. She needed the DNA of both parents to determine whose blood it was.

Upon hearing this news, the stepmother fainted immediately. The father went to help her. She slapped the father's face and said, “If something happened to my Ming Ming, I'll fight you till death!”

“Calm down, okay? It hasn’t even been determined whose blood it is!”

“How could it not be his? The surveillance showed Jiang Hui running away, so it must be his blood!” The mother cried, covering her face. “I know that little bitch would not have a drop of kindness in her heart. I usually equally give out the bowl of water and never favored anyone. She actually… Did this to take revenge on me!”

“Don't say anything more!” The father rubbed his red eyes.

Grandpa and Grandma heard the noise and asked, “Did you find the children?”

The father rushed to the inside room and said, “No, the police just asked us to assist in the investigation.”

When they went downstairs, they happened to run into the police officer who had been investigating the case in the morning. The police said, “Officer Lin, we found Jiang Hui!”

The news was tantamount to a thunderbolt. The stepmother almost fainted again. She fell into the husband’s arms and cried, “It was my Ming Ming who was in trouble. It’s obvious! Give me back my Ming Ming!”

The father didn't know what to say.

Lin Dongxue asked, “Where did you find her?”

The local police officer glanced at the couple and motioned for Lin Dongxue to talk on the side. The stepmother raged, “If you have something to say, then say it in front of me. Don't be afraid that I can't accept it. Where did that little bitch hide?”

Lin Dongxue said, “Ma'am, please calm down. We are still investigating-”

“It’s my family’s matters. Why can't I know?!”

Lin Dongxue was very distressed. Finally, the local police sent them all to the bureau, which allowed them some privacy. The police officer said, “In the presence of the parents, I'm afraid it's not very nice to say. The girl's ID information appeared in a health club.”

“Health club?”

“Well, this place was banned three times before. I'm afraid it's not a good place.”

“Did they see her in person?”

“If we suddenly ask them, they won't admit it. We have contacted the anti-prostitution department and they’re going to conduct a surprise inspection. The inspection will be at 7:00 at the latest. I will inform you when that happens.”

“Thank you!”

Lin Dongxue returned to the bureau and saw the couple sitting in the corridor wiping away their tears. The stepmother had a document in her hand. Lin Dongxue went in and asked Peng Sijue, “The result is out?”

“Half of it came out. The blood sample matched 99% of the fathers.” Peng Sijue stared at the working blood centrifuge.

Lin Dongxue thought to herself that the deceased was undoubtedly Jiang

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