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Chapter 234: Who is She to Him

Lin Dongxue was very surprised and wondered what game he was playing at.

Chen Shi said, “In the future, you will live here and try to come back from work as early as possible every day. If it is later than 6:00, I will pick you up in person.”

“I paid the deposit already...”

“Just pretend you paid me.”

“Aren't you afraid of trouble?”

“It doesn't matter. I figured it out.”

He figured that letting Lin Dongxue live alone would make him even more uneasy. He had confirmed that Zhou Xiao returned. It was very likely that the three photos were sent by him. Therefore to protect Lin Dongxue, there was nothing safer than being under his eyes.

But Lin Dongxue was still acting defiantly. “No, I was planning to move away anyway.”

She was pulling the trolley case to go, and Chen Shi blocked the wall with his hand and said earnestly, “I will rent you this bedroom for 300 yuan a month.”

Lin Dongxue pouted, “I don’t care for that!”

Lin Dongxue still left, thinking angrily on the road.He drove me away yesterday and then he won’t let me go today. Who does he think he is?!

Thinking about it, her eyes went tingly, but she resisted the urge.I’m not going to cry for him!

When she got to her new home, she cleaned it up and busied herself until 8:00. She was very dirty, so she began to heat some water[1] to prepare for a bath. As a result, when she tried the water, it was as if she had been struck with needles. She tried again but got shocked again.

Lin Dongxue went to the landlord immediately. The landlord was playing mahjong with a few friends. Smoke filled the room and they were very noisy. Lin Dongxue knocked on the door and said, “My water heater is leaking electricity!”

The landlord continued to smoke his cigarettes and couldn't even keep his eyes open. He said without a care, “Beauty, I'll call someone to look into it tomorrow. There won’t be an electrician this late at night. You will just have to deal with it for the night... Self-drawn[2]!”

Lin Dongxue held in her anger and returned to her residence. She found that Chen Shi was standing at the door carrying a bag in his hand.

Lin Dongxue was very surprised and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Chen Shi held up the bag. “You didn't bring your toiletries, so I brought them for you. There’s also your cosmetics.”

Lin Dongxue laughed angrily. “That's skincare. I don’t use cosmetics.”

“Yes, you are naturally beautiful. Even without make-up, you’re far ahead of those Internet celebrities.”

Lin Dongxue tried not to laugh and said, “Come in. Don't just stand there.”

Chen Shi looked at her new residence and said, “One thousand a month, it's not expensive... Why do you look so upset?”

“The water heater is leaking electricity. The landlord is playing mahjong and won’t look for an electrician until tomorrow.”

“I'll help you take a look.”

“Don't touch electric things, just in cas-”

“It's oka

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