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Chapter 255: Deducing the Truth

Since everyone didn’t have much to do, they all went to Peng Sijue’s office. There was a glass bottle placed on the table. Xu Xiaodong looked at the contents and was surprised, “It looks like Dirty Bread[1]!”

“That's liver that’s been soaked in formalin for three years,” Peng Sijue corrected.

“I know, it just makes me think of Dirty Bread... I’ll grab one to eat after work.” Lin Dongxue rolled her eyes at him.

Chen Shi said, “Why would they insist on using this harmful formula even though they have to pay out compensation every year? The answer is that it must be profitable.”

“It shouldn’t take long to figure this out since we know the result.” Peng Sijue picked up a pen and piece of paper. “I'll do the calculations now.”

It didn’t take long for Peng Sijue to fill the paper with lots of symbols and numbers. Everyone was dazzled as he nodded and mumbled, “Oh, so it was like that… That’s it…”

Xu Xiaodong said, “Captain Peng, can you explain it to us?”

“Don't interrupt him!” Lin Dongxue said.

After spending half an hour, Peng Sijue told them the results, “The online data shows that there are 2 million patients using this drug in the country each year and annual sales have reached 10 million boxes. I used this as a base to calculate. If they used the toxic but cheap ingredient, let’s call this ingredient B, they would earn about 60 million more than with the non-toxic but expensive ingredient A. If you deduct their compensation to families of victims, there is still profit. In other words, even if they have to deal with lawsuits and lose money every year, it’s still two percentage points more profitable to use the toxic formula compared to the non-toxic formula.”

Chen Shi became excited. “So, it’s as I’ve guessed. They have a set of annual profit calculations, and the lawsuit compensations are also considered as a variable. The deaths five years ago weren't accidents. They were part of the margin of error for this controlled variable.”

“It's terrifying!” Lin Dongxue frowned. “For the profit of two percentage points, they actually treat human lives as a joke?”

Old Zhang said, “For a large company, profit of two percentage points is astronomical.”

“I just made a rough calculation.” Peng Sijue said. “The real numbers shouldn’t be too different though.”

Chen Shi said, “This is a Pandora's box. Once this is made public, it won’t be as simple as dealing with a lawsuit. They would have to compensate everyone who has ever used this medication until they go bankrupt. That’s why they’d rather kill people to keep the secret from getting out.”

Xu Xiaodong asked, “The motivation is there, but how did they kill those people? Weren’t they “locked room cases”?”

“Let’s check the location out again!”

Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue, and Peng Sijue went to the place where the production manager Zhu Yan had died. This time, instead of prying the locks open, they got the keys from

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