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In a written testimony, a classmate mentioned how Gao Lei usually bullied Hanmeng. Lin Dongxue could hardly read it anymore. Bullying wasn’t a humane thing at all.

Lin Dongxue asked, "Hanmeng was bullied at school, so she should have always had injuries on her. Didn't her family ever ask about it?"

The police said, "They never asked. I heard that Gao Lei bullied her and she bit his hand in retaliation when she resisted. Gao Lei's family went to Hanmeng's house to settle this. Gao Lei’s oldest uncle ran a private enterprise in town. Their family was particularly powerful, so Hanmeng’s grandparents apologized and even gifted them things. They also slapped Hanmeng in the face and gave them a basket of eggs before they left."

"What kind of people are they?!" Lin Dongxue gritted her teeth.

"After Gao Lei died, the story that Hanmeng was an evil portent spread around the school. No one dared to approach her. She went from being bullied by everyone to a state of rejection by everyone. In a sense, it was a good thing for her. At least no one beat her." The police sighed.

"Did you go to school there too?" Chen Shi asked.

"Yes. There’s only this middle school in the town. All the children go to school there. I was in another class... Maybe it’s because I’ve always been curious and inquiring about things around me ever since I was a child that I became a policeman when I grew up."

Chen Shi showed him the burned photo. "Is she Hanmeng?"

"Yes, that's her. Haii, after so many years, I still can't forget the look in her eyes. She was like a lonely ghost in school and was always by herself. Looking back, I’m quite ashamed. I was also a heartless little boy at the time. As long as I heard my classmates say "Hanmeng is coming", I’d scream and run away with everyone. Now that I think about it, this kind of reaction would hurt a girl a lot! I never talked to her. The closest contact I had with her was when I saw her squatting by the lake, crying next to a drowned puppy after school. She heard me coming, turned her head around, and looked at me. I ran away in fright. Later, I asked a group of children to go there, but Hanmeng had already left. There was a mound on the ground. When I dug it out, it was a deformed puppy. I guess someone threw it out."

"Can you help us find the students in her class?" Chen Shi asked.

"The few who came in for the written testimonies aren’t here now. Few young people are willing to stay in our small and decrepit town. After graduation, they went to Long'an to develop their lives. Ah, yes, there’s one person I know the whereabouts of. It's Du Zilin."

"Are you friends with him?"

"No, no, we aren’t friends, but he’s too 'famous'. I will copy the address to you." The officer took out a small book and copied the address from it for the two of them.

The two continued to read the second file. This was the file of the suicide of Hanmeng’s grandparents. The police said that her grandparents par

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