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Chen Shi said, "Actually, I had a similar dream as you last night, but I didn’t agree to that girl’s proposal. Isn’t it strange when you think about it? She can 'buy' anyone with her dreams, so why not just let me experience it first? Why does it need to be approved by me first? It’s because this is basically a hypnotic step, which makes you sink in step by step... When you slept last night, someone next to you was talking to you and inducing you to have these dreams. "

Xin Bai drew in a breath of horror. "The Dream Master in your dream was a girl?"

"Was she of a different image in your dream?"

"Although she was also a girl, she was a monster with tentacles as her lower body and some weird symbols around her..."

"Isn't this like the small sculpture you saw in the prison? I’m different from you. I met the girl first, so the image of the Dream Master in my dreams became her... All of this is just a conspiracy. Someone is obstructing our investigation, which is enough to show that we’re very close to the truth."

Xin Bai lowered his head and muttered to himself. "But that dream was really cool..."

"Wake up! Indulging in dreams will only turn you into trash; a puppet at the mercy of others. Using wonderful dreams to dominate others is the method of those people... See? you haven't updated the last two days!"

Xin Bai looked ashamed. "I’ll write today when I get back."

Lin Dongxue asked, "Shall we continue to investigate in the town or go back to the city?"

"Let’s go back to the city. I don't care what happened in the past. The most important thing right now is that no one gets killed again."

The three of them bought tickets and went home, just in time for the last bus back to the city. After an exhausting day, Chen Shi fell asleep on the bus. In a half-asleep and half-awake state, he heard someone say in his ear like they were breathing, "Everything is sinking! Everything is sinking!"

He opened his eyes suddenly and found himself in the small broken room again, and "Ring" was broadcasting on the TV at the most eerie part.


He turned his head and ran outside. When he got out, he saw that the sky was a blushing red, heavy on top of his head. This was a dilapidated town and the ground was covered with ashes from a fire.

On the side of the road, there was a crowd that knelt and struggled as blue flames burst from the gaps in their bodies. They screamed in pain and a man on fire rushed towards Chen Shi screaming. Chen Shi quickly avoided the man in fright.

Everyone in this town was experiencing a strange spontaneous combustion, and the ashes on the ground were left by them.

As if being urged by something, he arrived at a place with a huge platform made up of house wreckage, on top of which was a girl in school uniform, kneeling down. Her face was covered with blood and her hands were stretched out towards the sky. Her eyes were mournful.

"Lasidajinjiuma, Hatagelisi, Aiqikusouliw

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