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Back in the city, Xin Bai was still asleep on the bus. Chen Shi woke him up, and Xin Bai jumped up excitedly. "Haha, it's done! I successfully controlled my dream!"

"Can you stop? Don't try these dangerous things and just write your novels seriously!" Chen Shi frowned. "Wasn't today's lesson enough? Do you want to go to the mental hospital?"

"This... was truly really fun!" Xin Bai said ashamedly.

"Hurry up and go home. We still have things to do."

Xin Bai still wanted to follow them, but was blasted away forcefully by Chen Shi’s words. While it wasn’t dark yet, the two planned to see Du Zilin. They could find Du Zilin's address through the police's household registration information database. At around 5:00, they got to a villa.

Through the big iron gate of the villa yard, Lin Dongxue saw that the yard was full of leaves, as if it hadn’t been cleaned for a long time. She said, "Why does this house feel a little eerie?"

"Maybe it's because all the windows are sealed!"

"You’re right! All the windows are sealed with wooden boards, like a haunted house."

They didn’t know if anyone still lived there. Chen Shi tried to press the answering machine at the door and a face appeared on the small screen. The other party stared wide-eyed at them and demanded, "Password!"

"Are you Mr. Du? We’re the police and want to ask you some questions."


Lin Dongxue raised her police officer's certification. The person asked for her to open it. The other party was still uneasy and had to look at Chen Shi's certificate as well, then asked them to name three police colleagues.

"Do you need to be so on guard? We’re really the police." Lin Dongxue was a little impatient.

"It's too easy to make fake documents. I won't open the door without verifying that you guys are real police officers," the other party said.

"All right..." Lin Dongxue casually listed three names.

"Recite the police code for me."

"Are you done?!"

"Don't even think about coming in if you’re not reciting it!"

Lin Dongxue gritted her teeth. It was so troublesome just to enter. She could only recite a few police rules. The face on the screen disappeared and with a click, the iron gate opened.

Entering the villa was like entering an old castle. The house was lifeless. The furniture was covered with dust and iron doors had been installed in the corridor. Lin Dongxue knocked on the door and a man covered in a bed sheet came out and took out some keys. He unlocked the three locks on the iron door one by one.

He brought the two of them to a room. This room had no windows. If you looked closely, you would find that the walls were very thick. There was a layer of fireproof cotton on the walls and ceiling. There were computers, refrigerators, beds, sofas, etc. in the house, and garbage was piled up like mountains, exuding a foul smell.

"First of all, I'm not crazy. The reason why I want to hide here is because someone wan

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