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Chapter 229: Showing Tusks

The two felt uneasy about it. Lin Dongxue called a colleague at the bureau and asked them to look at the surveillance footage.

After a while, a video was sent to Lin Dongxue's mobile phone. It was captured by the surveillance camera outside the bureau. Liu Hong had just got in the taxi when the young monk stopped a car, followed Liu Hong’s car, and disappeared to the left of the screen.

Lin Dongxue admonished anxiously, “This fool, what use is it to follow Liu Hong?”

“I remember the little master asked if Liu Hong would be arrested if he killed someone else. Surely he wouldn’t...”

Their horrible imagination frightened the two of them. They immediately rushed to the community where Liu Hong lived. At this time, they didn't care much about anything else. They went directly to Liu Hong's house and knocked on the door. Liu Hong was not at home though, and the dog in the house kept barking.

Chen Shi borrowed two hair clips from Lin Dongxue in preparation to pry the lock. At this time, someone came up from the stairs. It turned out to be Officer Liu.

Officer Liu said, “Looking at you two rushing in, I couldn’t even call out to you two. What's wrong?”

Lin Dongxue asked, “Officer Liu, did you see a young monk here during the day?”

“I'll help you find out. I know the security guard at the front gate.”

Ten minutes later, a security guard said that he saw a young monk during the day. He felt like the monk was acting suspicious. He hid behind a tree for a while and then behind a car.

Lin Dongxue asked, “Who was he following?”

“Oh!” The security remembered. “It looked like a woman wearing a scarf and sunglasses. She had a windbreaker on as well.”

“Which direction did they go?”

“Look at the surveillance to find out!” Officer Liu said.

The security guard found the surveillance based on his memories and pointed at the screen. “Look, it's him!”

In the picture, a tightly wrapped woman left the community and the young monk followed behind.

Chen Shi frowned. “Oh no!”

The three went to the intersection to find the next surveillance footage. The surveillance of a convenience store showed that the two went towards Wuyi Road one after the other.

The three people looked for the footage one after another and finally got to Gongzhou Road. There were very few stores here and there was no monitoring to check. Lin Dongxue called for back-up. Chen Shi looked around and said, “Let’s go to the surrounding neighborhoods!”

After asking three neighborhoods, a security guard said that he saw a young monk come in. Lin Dongxue asked, “Has he come out?”

“Uh, I'm not too sure.”

“Do you have a surveillance camera around here?”

“Sorry, our neighborhood is relatively old and the monitoring is broken.”

Officer Liu said, “It seems likely that he is still here. Your people will not be able to arrive for a while, so I'll call the security guards of our company to help!”

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