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Chapter 223: Slip Up

Chen Shi drank his tea. “Mr. Li, are you serious?”

Li Biao suddenly slapped his thigh and laughed. “What do you think?”

Lin Dongxue said, “We are not here to joke with you. We are criminal police. We’re currently investigating Liu Hong. It’ll only be a matter of time before we uncover everything. If you know anything, it’s better to tell us earlier. That would be favorable for the both of us!”

Chen Shi glanced at Lin Dongxue approvingly, as her speech was quite outstanding this time.

But Li Biao was acting like a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water. “What would I know? I'm not him.”

“So it's all a coincidence that these people are all missing.”

“Why don't you ask him yourself?”

It seemed that this person was not going to tell the truth, so Chen Shi said, “Mr. Li, your walnuts are pretty cool!”

“You know your stuff!” Li Biao got excited. “These are called Mopan Meatballs. I have been playing[1]with them for years now.”

“I heard people say that playing walnuts can give you better health. Is that true?”

“That’s just a myth...”

Chen Shi actually talked to Li Biao for half a day regarding playing with walnuts. Li Biao was so happy that he left a business card before he left and said that he would discuss this together with him next time.

Leaving the tea room, Lin Dongxue said, “Dead ducks have hard beaks. He refused to say anything... How can you be so happy talking about something off-topic for two hours?”

“I did it on purpose!” Chen Shi explained. “The police talked to Li Biao for two hours. If Liu Hong knew this, what would he think? Without a flaw, we need to create a flaw ourselves. He’s killed 30 people. Do you think he can sleep at night? I don’t think so!”

Lin Dongxue was surprised. “Do you want to use Li Biao as a bait?”

“I have this plan, but I don’t plan to let him die. Your brother sent you two extra people. Including Xiaodong, they should drop everything on hand and just monitor Li Biao all day long to protect him. They need to bait the snake out of the cave.”

Xu Xiaodong heard that he needed to do a tedious job again and was reluctant. “Brother Chen, will this work?”

“Rest assured, it’ll work!” Secretly, Chen Shi thought to himself that this was just all down to luck.

When they got to the place where the car was dropped off, a street-sweeping aunty said, “You need to look after your car. There was a man circling around your car earlier.”

“A man? What did he look like?”

“Not tall. Looked pretty fierce.”

The three exchanged a surprised look. Chen Shi looked around. There was a security camera at the entrance of a convenience store next to them. They immediately went to the convenience store and asked to watch the surveillance footage.

In the footage, a man in a leather jacket appeared. He used a mobile phone to take pictures of the license plate and tires. Then, he rubbed his face with his hands and looked inside the

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