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Chapter 218: Old Hunter

Chen Shi asked, “Officer Liu, how long have you lived here?”

“Well, almost ten years.” Officer Liu said with a sigh, lighting a cigarette. “Sometimes I feel like a hunter, chasing this beast for over ten years. Other times, I feel like I’m almost like a beast myself.”

“You are a good policeman!” Chen Shi said with admiration.

“I can’t accept that title! I can’t!” Police Officer Liu waved his hands again and again. “I'm trash. I haven't solved the case after so many years. I haven’t been able to get an explanation or justice for the victims and their families… By the way, do you want the information I have here? I can give them to you unreservedly.”

Chen Shi said, “I have a favor to ask that might be unwelcome. Could you let us borrow this house for a few days? That would save everyone from going in and out. The things you’ve organized here are very professional and easy to understand.”

Officer Liu immediately removed a key from his keychain. “No problem. I’ll give the key to you. I’ll just spend some time with my mother for the next few days. If there’s any progress, please contact me as soon as possible. I want to see this bastard arrested more than anyone else.”

There was the sound of a car from outside. Officer Liu rushed to the window and looked out. “This Mazda is his car. As soon as I hear it, I know it’s him. I’m not bluffing. Even if Liu Hong coughed downstairs, I’d be able to tell it’s him.”

The three looked out the window. The young monk suddenly pushed the door open and ran out. Xu Xiaodong asked, “Is he going to do something impulsive?”

“Stop him!” Lin Dongxue exclaimed.

The three immediately ran downstairs and saw the little monk standing in the middle of the road in the neighborhood conducting a Buddhist ritual towards the Mazda. A big man with a pudgy face showed half of his body and patted the body of his car as he scolded, “Fuck your mum! You really know how to pick people to beg for food, huh? Get lost, you stinking monk!”

Liu Hong had a bulky figure and was wearing a floral shirt with a thick gold chain on his neck. There was a woman sitting in the front passenger seat. She has a standard Internet influencer’s face with a sharp chin, big eyes, and a thick face of make-up that seemed like it would crack when she smiled. She was most likely his lover.

The little monk stood still as he kept staring at Liu Hong's face. Liu Hong took fifty yuan out of his wallet and threw it to the ground. “Get lost! Get out of here! Go and find a prostitute to fuck!”

Then, he started the car and the young monk jumped aside.

When Liu Hong left, the three came forward. Lin Dongxue asked, “Little Master, what are you doing? You scared us to death.”

The little monk frowned and his eyes welled up with tears. “Yes, it was him. The man who killed my father back then was him. I can't forget that face even after all these years!”

“He will definitely get the punishment

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