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Volume 15: Under Human Skin

Chapter 207: Selfish Resentment[1]

Lin Dongxue lay in the bed and stared at her laptop. She didn't know what was being shown in the TV series but her heart was full of resentment.

Every time she mentioned that she wanted to move, he would always say “I wish you success.”. Even if he tried to get her to stay in a fake manner, she’d feel happier.

I really don't understand what this guy is thinking!

Outside the bedroom, Tao Yueyue and Chen Shi were talking. Tao Yueyue said, “A friend sent me a message and asked me if I want to go to her house to play.”

“Go. It’s not easy to have a friend!”

“She's stupid though! Don't you mind if I play with her?”

“Learning is fake. Friends are real. Would you still remember what you learned after ten years? However, you’d remember the times you played with friends very clearly… Let me give you some pocket money!”

“I'm off then!”

“Okay, come back later.”

Lin Dongxue muttered quietly, “Hmph, what a heartless guy!”

She continued watching the TV show when suddenly Chen Shi shouted, “Dongxue, help!”

Lin Dongxue quickly put on slippers and ran out. It turned out that Chen Shi was frying meatballs in the kitchen with meat filling in both hands. The oil in the pan on the side was boiling. Chen Shi said, “Hurry up and turn off the fire. I overestimated the speed that I could ball up these meatballs.”

Lin Dongxue laughed and turned down the fire. Chen Shi breathed a sigh of relief as he rubbed out another meatball, covered it in breadcrumbs, and threw it into the oil.

“You really like to cook, huh? You’re frying things at home on a weekend?”

“It's rare to be able to buy shepherd’s purse. I can make shepherd’s purse[2] meatballs that can be eaten over several days… Smell it. Doesn’t it smell nice?” Chen Shi extended his hand over.

“Go away, go away! Don’t touch my nose.”

“Don’t eat it then.”

“I won’t then! I’m going to find a house today and move away tomorrow!” Lin Dongxue said angrily, thinking that if he said “I wish you success,” she’d just leave immediately.

“Why don’t you help me make meatballs?” Chen Shi suggested.

“No, I'm leaving!”

“Long'an is so big, do you know where to go? Hurry up and finish the meatballs. I’ll drive you to a reliable real estate agency.”

Lin Dongxue let out a soft “hmph” and went to wash her hands. Chen Shi taught her how to make the meatballs in the palms of her hands to create ones that were the size of ping pong balls. Then, they coated it in breadcrumbs to finish.

Lin Dongxue thought that it was just rubbing a ball. How hard could it be? However, the meat in her palms was very disobedient, and the more she tried balling it up, the flatter it got. Chen Shi already had three or four meatballs in the wok. She hadn’t even formed one on her side.

“Don't use so much pressure. It's not play-doh!” Chen Shi took her hands in his and eventually, a ball was formed.

Chen S

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