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Chapter 227: Liu Hong's Secret

Lin Dongxue was shocked.Liu Hong actually set up a pet crematorium for the purpose of burning corpses?!

Chen Shi called them to one side and asked, “Can Liu Hong be arrested?”

“Drunk driving, damaging public facilities, and insulting law enforcement officials, he’s already arrested. However, we can only detain him for 24 hours at most.” Lin Dongxue said.

“Then, let's take this opportunity to find evidence.”

“Can we go to his house...”

“I’ve tried it. This bastard has an alarm installed. If we pick the lock, we’d be found out. Don't think about it!”

Peng Sijue reprimanded, “How can you say such things with a calm face? It’s illegal to search other people's homes without formalities. How can you not be aware of your position as a member of the police?”

Chen Shi argued, “They’re just words. Is that not allowed? I want to buy a gun to kill him too!”

Peng Sijue glared at him.

Chen Shi asked the staff member again, “It was a woman who sent the Tibetan mastiff to get cremated? How old was she?”

“Thirty or forty maybe?”

“Can you be a little more specific?”

“No. She was wearing sunglasses and a scarf. She had smooth skin, so I couldn’t tell her real age.”

“How tall was she?”

“Around my height, but she was wearing high heels.”

“Is there a surveillance camera installed here?”


Asking this was just a waste of time. This was Liu Hong's property. Why would he install a camera?

Lin Dongxue asked the staff to hand over the keys and told the member that the place would be closed for the next 24 hours.

The next day, Peng Sijue brought the team to collect evidence there. Xu Xiaodong went to the lake to retrieve the car while Lin Dongxue went to interrogate Liu Hong. This time Chen Shi didn't participate. He didn’t need to be a genius to know that Liu Hong definitely wouldn’t be detained for long.

In the interrogation room, Liu Hong talked about the most random things with a smile on his face. He went off on tangents and was just playing around. Chen Shi stood outside listening to him and was so angry that he wanted to rush in to beat him up.

A policeman came over and said, “Brother Chen, someone is looking for you outside. It's a monk.”

Chen Shi got to the door and asked the little monk, “Why are you here?”

“I heard that the killer has been caught. Is that true?”

“Where did you find that information?”

“On the Internet. I also have a mobile phone.”

Chen Shi didn't know how to answer him. “The case is underway and there won’t be immediate results. You should go back and wait for news.”

“You always tell me to head back and wait. How can I just sit there and do nothing?” The little monk realized that he was too agitated and apologized. “Amitabha, I shouldn't yell at you. Sorry!”

Chen Shi patted him on the shoulder. “I know you're more anxious than anyone else and have waited for 13 years. It’s only two more days.”

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