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Chapter 224: Difficult Search

Chen Shi said, “It looks like I was right!”

Lin Dongxue responded, “The information we have shows that Liu Hong has never been married. Although his lovers have changed several times, he has always been single.”

“Is there anyone else in his house?”

“It's unlikely. If there was another person, Officer Liu would have already discovered it since he monitored him for over ten years.” Lin Dongxue thought about it. “These sanitary napkins may not be used by women. I’ve heard there are men with haemorrhoids who use it for padding, or they use them as insoles for their shoes.”

“Now the case is like a piece of iron. You can't find any breaks in it. You can't let go of even a hint of doubt... Starting tomorrow, we’ll monitor Liu Hong!”

“But we don’t have the manpower.”

Chen Shi pointed to himself. “Aren’t I a man? Officer Liu's room is perfect for surveillance. Can you help me get some surveillance equipment?”

“Surveillance?” Lin Dongxue frowned. “That's tough work.”

“It doesn't matter. I can’t help but feel uncomfortable in my heart and can’t sleep. That’s even worse in my books. Please take care of Yueyue for the next few days.”

Lin Dongxue couldn’t persuade him and gave in. “All right then!”

Chen Shi went home to pick up some daily necessities and then drove to the gate of the community. The two saw the young monk wandering around in front of the door. Chen Shi told him to get in the car. It turned out that the young monk had come to find them but didn’t know Chen Shi's specific address, so he could only stand at the front of the gate.

What the young monk wanted to ask was naturally the progress of the case. Lin Dongxue said in embarrassment, “Master, don't worry. We haven’t stopped investigating.”

“Sorry, I'm just a little anxious. If you have any needs, you can call me. Even helping the two donors sweep the floor or cooking is fine. If I can do even the tiniest of things, I would feel better!”

Chen Shi said, “You should really just stay and wait for our news!”

The next morning, Chen Shi took the eavesdropping equipment and telescope that Lin Dongxue borrowed from the team and went to Officer Liu's home. He set up the eavesdropper, which would emit a laser beam, sense the vibrations, and transmit the sounds.

Then, Chen Shi brought a chair over and sat down for a whole day of boring surveillance.

Lin Dongxue dropped by after work at night and asked if there was any progress. When she saw Chen Shi turning over two black bags in the room with gloves on, Lin Dongxue was startled. “Are you studying all the trash he throws out?”

“By understanding someone’s garbage, you can also learn more about a person's daily life.”

Lin Dongxue fanned the stench in the room with her hand. “If you were a policeman, this spirit would have already earned you a medal.”

“Don't talk and just come enjoy it.”

Chen Shi took out all the rubbish and let Lin Dongxue make

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