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Chapter 216: Team Morale Is Poor

The three found a table and looked at the case file. When they saw the picture of Yin Lin sandwiched inside, the young monk picked it up with agitation and tears in his eyes. “This is my aunt! Thirteen years! I can finally see a photo of a relative!”

Chen Shi allowed the young monk to bask in his emotions and continued looking at the file with Lin Dongxue. The file stated that in March of 2005, the neighbor called the police and said Yin Lin was missing. The reason that they found out was because Yin Lin had a dog. The owner hadn’t come back for a few days, so the dog went crazy with hunger and bit the wires and cables while wailing with lots of sadness.

When Chen Shi saw a Tibetan mastiff in the photo and said, “If she was able to own a Tibetan mastiff ten years ago, her family must be very rich.”

Yin Lin was indeed very rich. According to the information, she was a self-employed owner of a clothing business. She was a diplomatic and eloquent person in business. However, she was petite in the photo and looked sweet rather than a strong person.

Yin Lin's parents died early and her relatives lived far away at her hometown in Henan. She only had one sister in Long’an City called Yin Wen who was unable to be contacted during the investigation of the case.

The investigation of the case ended one year later and there were no clues. The police suspended the investigation and put the file on the shelf.

At this time, Xu Xiaodong called and was a little excited. “Brother Chen, I found Yin Wen’s information!”

The young monk came over excitedly to listen.

Chen Shi queried, “Where is she?”

“Missing. I have a missing persons report on hand. Should I bring it back?”

“Bring it back!”

Chen Shi hung up the phone and Lin Dongxue sighed. “God not only closed the door, but he welded the window shut as well.”

Chen Shi refused to give up. He pointed to the case file and said, “Some of Yin Lin's friends were mentioned in this. Shall we investigate?”

“Forget it!” Lin Dongxue shook her head. “This investigation is getting farther and farther away from our original intention. We only have four people! If we check it like this, we won't find anything out until next year.”

Chen Shi suddenly stood up, grabbed a police officer, and asked, “Comrade, who is responsible for this case?”

The policeman looked at the signature on the case file and said, “These three policemen are all old officers. Now there’s only one of them left here called Zhang.”

“I want to meet him!”

When they met Officer Zhang, he said that it was too long ago to remember and that the case was mainly investigated by his colleague, Liu Baiqin. Police officer Zhang said, “Old Liu had a donkey’s temper[1] He didn't show up in the unit at all while he busied himself investigating this case and was punished several times. Later...”

“What happened later on?”

“He was reprimanded by the director, who told

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