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Chapter 219: Infiltrate to Investigate

Chen Shi pulled out his cell phone and dialled Peng Sijue's number. Peng Sijue had stayed up all night yesterday and was still asleep. He was awakened by the phone and got out of bed. "What?! What!!"

"We’ve made a breakthrough. Do you want to hear about it?”


"Then let's talk when we meet up. By the way, do you know anyone in the CDC? We want to infiltrate a dog farm in the suburbs to investigate. We need to hurry!”

Peng Sijue hung up the phone without saying a word and Chen Shi smiled. "It seems like he’s thinking of a way. Let’s wait for his news!”

"You have too much confidence!" Lin Dongxue sneered, "What next?"

"After a busy day, I need to head back to rest for a while. Tao Yueyue should have gotten off school by now." Chen Shi said.

"Then, I’ll return to the bureau and see if I can persuade my brother to formally file a case!" Lin Dongxue said.

Lin Dongxue returned to the bureau and informed Lin Qiupu of the current progress. Lin Qiupu shook his head. "You have only found out that this person is related to over 30 cases of disappearances. It can’t be proved that it’s a felony.”

Lin Dongxue was agitated. "All the missing people were acquainted with him, and the disappearance of these people all removed obstacles for his career development. Is it still impossible to conclude that this person is suspected of killing? Moreover, there is the testimony from the young monk."

"Officer Lin, you shouldn’t be so opinionated like this. If the police don’t follow the law, then who will maintain social order? Let me give you an example. There was a case in the United States where the murderer and the victim quarrelled, and the murderer killed the victim in front of the tavern by crushing him with a car. Then, they cleaned up everything. You would think that the witnesses were sufficient evidence, right? But the police couldn’t convict him. In the end, the car was dismantled and they found a blood stain the size of a nail before they convicted him. If there’s no evidence, even if you see it with your own eyes, it won’t pass. You can catch him, but at the courts, the judge will acquit the suspect. What’s the point in that?”

"Brother!" Lin Dongxue begged.

"Okay, I'll give you another two days. No, five days, okay?!"

"I want a few more people as well."

Lin Qiupu looked miserable. "I'm also investigating a case here. Fine, I’ll give you two more!”

"Thank you!"

Lin Dongxue left happily and Lin Qiupu looked at her back and smiled.

When Chen Shi arrived home, he received a call from Peng Sijue. Peng Sijue said, "I contacted a friend from the CDC. In two days, he will arrange a random hygiene check. What are you going to do? Prepare for it by yourself."

"In two days? Can it be tomorrow?"

"I just confirmed..."

"It's better to do it tomorrow," he argued. He could hear Peng Sijue's sigh from across the phone. Chen Shi said, "It doesn't mat

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