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Chapter 213: One Night of Tenderness

Chen Shi took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. He remembered that Lin Dongxue was right-handed, meaning her fingerprint lock was probably done using the right index finger or thumb.

So, he slowly adjusted his position. Due to the change of position, Lin Dongxue slipped and her head fell on his leg as if it were a pillow. However, this position made it easier to pull off what he was about to do.

Chen Shi grabbed Lin Dongxue's right hand. Her slender fingers were as beautiful as white jade[1]Although her nails were never manicured, they were neatly trimmed and it was very comfortable to look at.

Picking up Lin Dongxue's cold little hand, Chen Shi pressed her thumb to the fingerprint lock, but nothing happened.

He tried her index finger and was frightened by the “doot” noise on the phone as it unlocked. He looked down at Lin Dongxue. She muttered a few words in her sleep but she didn’t wake up. Chen Shi's panicked heart calmed down and he went to look at Lin Dongxue’s WeChat.

It turned out that Tao Yueyue had played him for a fool. What she sent Lin Dongxue was not the photo from just now, but a cute photo of Moqiu.

“You little bastard!”

Chen Shi cursed and set the WeChat message to unread, locked the screen, wiped his fingerprints on the blanket, and shoved it back into Lin Dongxue's pocket.

Staying in the position the way they were wasn’t a permanent solution. Chen Shi slowly pushed the coffee table away. The coffee table had a glass base which looked good, but there was a disadvantage. When it was pushed, it would make a harsh noise.

Chen Shi pushed the coffee table bit by bit with his heart beating like a drum. Finally, he freed enough space to stand up.

He wrapped the blanket around Lin Dongxue's body and carefully held her up. Lin Dongxue was very light, almost like a feather. When he lifted her using the princess-hold, Chen Shi even thought that she was too thin. He needed to feed her more delicious food to keep her full.

Chen Shi very carefully carried Lin Dongxue into the second bedroom, put her on the bed, and pulled the quilt over her. Then, he breathed a sigh of relief and felt like he had accomplished his mission.

Unexpectedly, the door to the room was suddenly closed. The sound of someone locking the door came from the outside. Chen Shi touched his pocket. His keys and mobile phone were in the living room.It’s definitely that damn brat’s doing!

He rushed to the door and said towards the door, “Open the door and I’ll promise not to kill you!”

“Just stay with Sister Lin tonight. Why don't you tell her you like her?!” Tao Yueyue said.This damn brat knows everything.

“You need to get back here!!”

“Ah... I'm so sleepy. I’m off to sleep!”

Chen Shi sighed.What's happening?He turned back and the room was dark with only a little light coming in through the door gap. The light illuminated Lin Dongxue who was lying on the bed.

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