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Chapter 208: Little Monk

Chen Shi got back to his seat and continued to eat. Lin Dongxue glanced at the monk and said, “Look, he’ll sell you an amulet in a moment.”

“Is this a bet?”

“Sure. Whoever loses invites the other for dinner.”

The two waited and the monk filled his stomach, came over, and did a Buddhist ritual towards Chen Shi before leaving.

Lin Dongxue was stunned while Chen Shi smiled. “It looks like he’s a real monk.”

“Not necessarily...”

“Don't always guess based off of your gut feeling, okay?”

“I didn't guess randomly. Nowadays, scammers are rampant on the street. When I see such people, I have to first assume that they’re fake.”

“That's your way of thinking, so I won't say anything. Let’s go!”

The two went back to the car and just started it up when the young monk passed by. Chen Shi rolled down the window and asked, “Where are you going, Master?

The little monk did a Buddhist gesture and responded, “Thank you, donor. I want to go to the Public Security Bureau.”

Lin Dongxue exchanged glances with Chen Shi in surprise before asking him, “Little Master, are you going to report a case?”

Chen Shi beckoned. “You should get in the car first. They don’t allow parking here.”

The young monk didn't seem to have been in a car before and couldn't pull the door open for a long time. Chen Shi reached over and opened the door for him. After entering, Lin Dongxue said, “I'm a criminal police officer. What case do you want to report?

The young monk was very excited and said, “Amitabha[1], it is really fate to meet you two donors... I would like to ask, are murder cases under criminal police’s control?”

“Criminal police are specifically responsible for this,” Lin Dongxue replied. It seemed that the young monk didn’t have much societal common sense. Careful observation revealed that he was extraordinarily young. Because of his shaved hair, he even looked like a minor.

However, his face was pretty decent. If he looked after himself, he would be a handsome young man that would attract a lot of second glances. They weren’t sure why such a young man turned into a monk.

“What a coincidence!” Chen Shi smiled. “The two of us, one is a driver and the other is a police officer. They are exactly the people you happen to need.”

“He doesn’t need you anymore with me here!” Lin Dongxue said. “Little Master, what case are you trying to report?”

“It’s a long story.”

“Then, let's change the place and sit down and talk!”

Chen Shi took the car around the street and parked under a tea house, then the three went upstairs. The little monk only asked for a plain cup of tea. He faced the table, conducted the Buddhist ritual, and took out a small book from his pocket, which he pushed over.

It was a very old book. Lin Dongxue remembered that when she was in elementary school, she used something like this. It also had outdated cartoon patterns on it. The edges were severely worn and th

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