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hapter 230: Violent Struggle in the Room

The young monk stared at Liu Hong, his eyes were red with anger.

Liu Hong pulled Yin Wen's hair and lifted her head in the process. He slapped Yin Wen's face with a hand and ordered, “Tell your son what you are!

“I'm a female dog! I’m a slut!” Yin Wen said blankly.

“Haha, look at your perverted face. I really want to choke you to death!” Liu Hong released Yin Wen’s hair and said to the young monk, “Did you see that? This is the mother that you’ve been thinking about day and night.” He stood up. “I’ll stop the nonsense here. You came and tried to court death today. You can’t blame me!”

He picked up the knife and stood up. He tried to grab the young monk’s hair out of habit, but he couldn’t grab any hair. He cursed, “You don’t even have fur on you.”

The young monk looked at him fiercely, and then suddenly opened his mouth to bite Liu Hong's left-hand between the thumb and the index finger.

Liu Hong screamed in agony and dropped the knife. He slapped the young monk a few times before the monk opened his mouth.

Liu Hong burst into tears. When he saw the bleeding on his hand, he was so angry that he kicked the young monk down and screamed as he kicked. “You fucking... Tell me how I’m supposed to... explain to the police...!”

The young monk was patiently holding it in without crying or shouting. This is the only act of defiance he had the energy to afford.

Yin Wen looked at him beating the young monk and bit her lip. She suddenly ran over and pulled Liu Hong's arm back silently.

Liu Hong was shocked and questioned her as if he had been betrayed. “What? Sympathy for your son?”

Yin Wen didn't speak. She just kept pulling his arm stubbornly.

Liu Hong slapped her hand away and then slapped her to the ground. “Women are all so cheap. What? You can't do it to your own son?”

Liu Hong rubbed his bitten hand, scolded him, and picked up the knife. Then, he stepped on the young monk.

At this moment, facing imminent death, the young monk saw Yin Wen kneeling on the ground with tears in her eyes. This scene made him see a glimmer of hope and he called out, “Mom, save me!”

Before he shouted a second time, Liu Hong kicked him in the mouth. The young monk’s mouth filled with blood. The tip of the knife was just above his head.

Just as Liu Hong was about to stab downwards, there was a sudden knock from the outside. Liu Hong widened his eyes and cursed as he covered the little monk's mouth. He took a handkerchief out from his pant pocket and stuffed it in the monk’s mouth haphazardly.

Then, he rushed over and shook his head at Yin Wen. He whispered, “Hide! Hurry up!”

Outside, Lin Dongxue knocked on the door a few times, but no one answered. She said to Chen Shi, “It looks like no one’s in.”

“Wait a minute.” Chen Shi looked on the ground. This was the basement, which was mostly used as a warehouse. There wasn’t anyone, and the light was naturally qui

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