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Chapter 225: New Missing Persons Case

After getting in the car, Chen Shi said, “I used to have a neighbor who was a boy that didn’t hold a proper job. He later got a girlfriend. She was a very polite little girl and greeted me every time they saw me downstairs.”

Lin Dongxue listened quietly.

“The boy was obviously not a good guy. I heard him hit the girl in the house several times and I knocked on the door. The girl said that it was all right, even though I could hear her crying. I thought they’d break up. Who knew that what would come would be even worse. That boy often brought home some bad friends and played lots of music that concealed the girl’s cries all night!”

Lin Dongxue covered her mouth. “What did they do to her?”

“I don't know!” Chen Shi shook his head. “I called the police. After the police came, the boy said it was a joke and the girl corroborated their story. Eventually one night, the girl knocked on my door with a lot of blood on her. I called the police again. However, before the police arrived, the boy wiped the blood on the girl clean with a rag and then burnt it. The girl told the police that nothing happened. When she spoke, the boy kept glaring at her. The police couldn’t do anything and got ready to leave. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and beat the boy up in front of the police.”

“Then you were taken away?”

“Yeah, the one thing I can't tolerate are bad guys running around freely in front of me. But there are things that really make people feel helpless when the law can’t touch the criminals.”

“I guess you must really love Batman.”

“I like movies, but I don’t really agree with that kind of extrajudicial justice. I still believe in the law. The law is indeed imperfect, but it’s as close to perfect orders and rules as it can be for human beings. If we went to the other extreme just because it’s imperfect, I believe that would be quite stupid. All the splendid and brilliant systems of human beings were gradually improved from imperfection to perfection. The transition must have had lots of detours and required the dedication of countless people.”

“I'm curious. How many days were you detained for this?”

“Seven days. I lost some money as well.”

“I see. Are all the bad spots on your criminal record left because of these reasons?”

Chen Shi waved his hand around. “Those? Those were because I was young and crazy. I don't want to talk about it!”

The two arrived at Li Biao's residence At the same time, Xu Xiaodong and the local police also arrived. In front of Li Biao's house, the police said, “If the lock is opened and there’s no trouble, this would be breaking and entering. Are you sure about this?”

“We can’t help it. This is an emergency and he’s in trouble! If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility for it!” Lin Dongxue said.

“That's it then!”

The police took the lock opener and knocked off the lock with a bang before pushing the door open.

Li Biao's fi

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