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Chapter 228: Stockholm Syndrome

Upon hearing this, the mannequin-like woman's pupil dilated slightly.

Liu Hong pinched the woman's chin and looked at her face carefully. Although she was beautiful, the years were unforgiving. She had wrinkles on the side of her eyes.

“Yes, he looks like you. That little monk is your son.” Liu Hong said in a low voice.


Without giving the woman a chance to continue speaking, Liu Hong slapped her face and reprimanded, “How many times have I told you that you’re not allowed to speak in this house?!”

The woman looked at him in horror and Liu Hong reached out his hand. The woman saw it as a sign of forgiveness and began to lick Liu Hong's calloused palm intensely.

Liu Hong continued to say in a very low voice, “Li Biao’s case was too risky, but there was no way out of it. Who told that kid to betray me and whistle-blow the police! I spent so much mouth-sealing money to raise a white-eyed wolf[1]. I wouldn’t have kept him if I had known! The police are still watching me closely these days. It’s not safe here. You need to go to the safe house and stay there. You’re not allowed to set a foot out of that house unless I give you permission.”

The woman nodded desperately.

Liu Hong stroked the woman's hair and ears. “Your son should have seen my face back then. If we need to kill him, would you do it yourself?”

The woman hesitated for half a second before nodding her head.

“How good! Everyone else has betrayed me. Only you are still by my side. When the wind has passed, I'll take care of you properly. Now, get lost!”

The woman continued licking his hand, but Liu Hong pushed her away. “Hurry up and get lost! Don't let anyone see you.”

The woman began to pack her things while Liu Hong kept playing with the dog loudly. He would glance at the window from time to time.

The woman wrapped her scarf around her, put on her sunglasses, and left with a bag.

As she went downstairs, she looked cautiously around and determined that no suspicious people were around before she left.

When she left the community, a pair of mud-covered monk shoes quietly followed.

“Where is the little master?” Lin Dongxue finished up some things and asked the policeman who was just with the young monk.

The policeman said, “He left! Did you want to detain him?”

“No need. Let him go!”

The police officers of the task force stayed in the conference room. Many men smoked and smoke filled the room. Everyone was waiting for news from Captain Peng.

Finally, Peng Sijue came back and everyone rushed to meet him, asking this and that. Peng Sijue instructed, “One by one, how can I answer all that?!”

Lin Dongxue said, “Did you find DNA?”


“What about other things?”

“Footprints, hair, some fibers. We’re currently preparing the tests.”

Chen Shi said, “Can you show me the hair?”

Peng Sijue took out an evidence bag. In it was obviously a woman's hair, as it w

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