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Chapter 222: Hitting the Grass and Alerting the Snake[1]

Everyone hurried to catch up to Peng Sijue. Even Xu Xiaodong couldn't catch up with Peng Sijue, who usually didn’t exercise much.

Peng Sijue ran to the second pit they previously dug up and started to dig up the ground without a word. The others followed as Lin Dongxue asked, “Captain Peng, what's the matter? What's up?”

Peng Sijue picked up the pile of dirt and looked closely at it. Then, he stood up to go inspect the third pit.

Everyone kept silent and just tried to keep up with him. Peng Sijue ran too fast and fell down. Chen Shi laughed. “He looks so happy, as if he’s a child that just got his New Year’s red envelope.”

“You’re a guy without conscience!” Lin Dongxue scolded.

Peng Sijue stopped at the third pit and checked it carefully. The crowd finally caught up and Lin Dongxue said, “Captain Peng, don't act so mysterious. What did you find out?”

“Yeah, don't act alone anymore. Share it with us,” Chen Shi agreed.

“I also want to experience acting mysterious for once!” Peng Sijue said pointedly at Chen Shi.

“Haii!” Chen Shi squatted down. “Old Peng is the smartest. He’s the city’s... No, the province’s best forensic doctor. No clue can escape your keen eyes...”

Peng Sijue felt very pleased getting complimented like that. He finally said, “Did you all notice it? It’s the fur! No fur was found in the soil!”

“Wouldn’t it have rotten away?” Xu Xiaodong guessed.

Chen Shi said, “Although hair is organic, there are very few types of bacteria that break down hair. It normally takes around 50 years to completely rot away.”

Peng SIjue continued, “From the color of the surrounding vegetation and soil, these bones have been buried for only a few years. Why there’s no fur... There is only one possibility. When they were buried, they had no fur to begin with.”

“I see! This was done by a psycho. They shaved the dog’s fur and then buried them alive!”

Everyone ignored Xu Xiaodong again. Chen Shi declared, “The dog has been skinned!”

“Skinned?!” Lin Dongxue was surprised. “Why did they skin them?”

“Is this related to the disappearance of the bodies?”

Lin Dongxue thought, “The dogs were skinned and buried here. The skins and the bodies are gone…”

“I see!” Xu Xiaodong shouted. “The dog's skin was put on the bodies and sold as a Tibetan mastiffs so nobody could find the bodies.”

“How do you even think of these things?!” Lin Dongxue complained.

“Aren’t there some people in the past who disguised themselves as dogs? So I thought...”

Xu Xiaodong's “blind talk” caused Chen Shi's to think in a different angle. The dog skin and the missing bodies may actually be directly related.

At this time, a bright light came towards them as a car drove up. The person in the car came out. From the shadow cast by the lights, he held a stick-like object in his hand.

“Who is it?!” Lin Dongxue subconsciously reached for her gun before

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