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Chapter 214: Not Willing to Face it

Chen Shi left the community. He stopped every so often and used his fingers as a frame to make sure that the “shi” in the air was still visible.

The little monk's drawing was very clear. The window was in the shape of “tian”, and the word “shi” occupied the upper left corner.

Xu Xiaodong sent a text message every few minutes to ask him, “Is it done?”

After walking for an hour, he lost count of how many times he had climbed up buildings. Chen Shi suddenly found an old residential building about six stories high. Although it was old, it was painted with a new layer of paint and had a “For Rent” sign posted downstairs. The rent was quite cheap and it seemed like people had taken ownership of the building as a rental investment.

Chen Shi ran over to each unit over six stories. In the stairwell window of the fourth unit on the sixth floor, he could clearly see the “shi” swaying in mid-air, and the position was very close to the picture.

Chen Shi went knocking on the door but found that no one answered the door. In order to save some time, he looked around. There was no surveillance monitor here, so he removed two wires from the wire window, poked them into the keyhole and after three tries, the door was opened.

This house had not been rented out yet and had just been renovated. There was the smell of formaldehyde. The door led to a hallway with a bathroom and kitchen next to it. In the front was a bedroom with an empty bed frame inside. The balcony had been sealed.

Chen Shi looked through the window and the word “shi” appeared perfectly in the upper left corner of the window. He was excited for a moment but did not forget that he was currently breaking into a private dwelling right now.

Thus, he wiped his footprints off with a napkin, went back out, and contacted the landlord.

The landlord came up and said, “Officer, what case are you investigating? It won't affect our renting business, right?”

Chen Shi said, “It's an old case and won't affect you... Can I ask what this building was previously used for?”

“Employee family housing!”

“Which units were part of the employee housing scheme?”

“In the past, it was a family housing for an automobile factory. Because there weren’t enough employees living here, the factory rented it out to some migrant workers. I used to be an employee of the automobile factory. After retirement, I took over this place and rented it out. I can even get a sum of money if the building gets demolished. I won’t make a loss!”

“You're very business-minded. Excuse me, but can you open this house for me to have a look?”

The landlord was obviously a person who was afraid of problems. After taking out the key, he said, “Officer, there won’t be any dead people in the house or anything, right? I want to declare that although I’m the landlord, the people living here have nothing to do with me and I’m not responsible for anything they do.”

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