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Chapter 226: The Truth of the Missing People

Everyone stopped their cars and surrounded the river. As they watched the SUV sinking into the lake slowly, everyone's heart sank.

Liu Hong got out and swam vigorously towards the shore. He stretched out his hand and said, "Officers, please pull me up!"

A policeman dragged him up and immediately put handcuffs on him. Liu Hong was drenched and said, "It's just drunk driving. Isn’t it fine if I just confess to that?"

Lin Dongxue walked over and said, "Is there something in your car? Do you think you’ll be fine as long as it sinks into the lake?”

Liu Hong shrugged. "Then, I’ll have to trouble you to retrieve the car. Next time, I’ll take you for a ride, okay beauty?"

Lin Dongxue was so angry that she wanted to hit him. She immediately contacted the appropriate personnel and was ready to salvage the car. Chen Shi said, "No, it's just a front! If Liu Hong's handling of the bodies was so terrible, he would have been arrested already!"

"Where is Li Biao right now?"

"Go to the kennel!"

The two hurried to the kennel. The kennel and the sunken car were located at the opposite ends of Long’an City. It took three hours to arrive.

Hearing the sound of a car, many dogs began barking from within the kennels. The two got out of the car and found the big iron gate closed. Chen Shi gritted his teeth, returned to the car, and took out a crowbar. Lin Dongxue warned, "That's too brazen! Let’s go over the wall!"

"There’s broken glass on top of the walls, are you sure? It will leave scars."

"Then maybe just break the lock!"

Chen Shi went back to the car again, put down the crowbar, took out two wires, and fiddled with the keyhole. After a few tries, the lock opened.

Lin Dongxue was surprised and asked, "You know how to break open locks?"

"Can you keep it a secret for me?"

"Okay!" Lin Dongxue thought to herself.Why would he pretend like he doesn’t know how to open locks?

The two turned on the flashlights on their phones and went into the kennels. The dogs barked a lot and Lin Dongxue was so scared that her heart was beating intensely. She held onto Chen Shi’s hand tightly.

Chen Shi glanced at the staff roster on the wall. "Someone should be on duty today. Why isn't anyone in?"

They looked at all the rooms that could be opened and didn’t notice anything abnormal. Chen Shi kept looking at the crowd of dogs. Suddenly, he went to a small room and knocked at the iron door a few times.

Lin Dongxue said, "What are you looking for?"

"Remember the last time we came here? Remember how there was a ‘snow mastiff’ here?”


"The dog is gone!"

"The dog is gone?" Lin Dongxue realized, "You said two days ago that every time someone disappears, a dog needs to be buried!"

"So Li Biao is still 'missing'!"

The two went outside and Chen Shi searched carefully on the ground, occasionally picking up the soil and smelling it from time to tim

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