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Chapter 206: Revenge for the Brother

Seeing the police coming, the young man seemed even more panicked. He pushed past the crowd and tried to get away. Chen Shi put his hand on his shoulder and asked, “Where are you going?”

“To the restroom!”

“Go through the security check first. You can go after you finish.”

“You can control the sky and the earth, but you can’t control farts and shits. You even want to control when I go to the bathroom? Are there even any human rights?!” The young man stared them down.

A sudden “ting” sound made the guy shocked. He looked down and saw that a metal detector was touching his stomach. It was Peng Sijue who was holding the metal detector. This was the one he had borrowed earlier.

Chen Shi sneered. “What's hidden on your body? Take off your coat.”

The young man looked pale as his lips trembled in silence.

They took him aside. Under Chen Shi's urging, he had to take off his jacket. Peng Sijue checked with the metal detector again. When it passed his abdomen, the noise sounded off again.

“Please take off your sweater as well.”

The man bit his lip and took off his sweater. When Peng Sijue was ready to do the test again, he reached out and held Peng Sijue’s wrist. He begged, “Give me some dignity. I confess! I did it!”

“What's your name?”

“Li Weiting!”

Chen Shi glanced at the passenger list. He had evaded questioning twice.What a clever boy!

“Let's talk somewhere!”

Everyone went to a vacant Weierpi Lounge[1] where it was possible to see the flow of people boarding their planes. Li Weiting looked down with a sigh. “I thought I could follow them on the plane.”

Opposite of him sat Lin Qiupu and Chen Shi while the others were waiting outside.

Lin Qiupu questioned, “You killed the person?”

Li Weiting lowered his head and nodded.


“Maybe it was God’s will!”

“Then you sitting here is God’s will as well. Don’t talk around the point!”

“I know that person. He was the one who killed my brother. A few years ago, my brother bought insurance from his company. Later, my brother found out that he had cancer, but the insurance company refused to pay by using several excuses. When my brother was at the hospital, the guy playing around with the fine print and making excuses was that old bastard! I was so angry that I hit him with an ashtray. Who would have thought that due to this impulsive action, we’d lose the case in court? My brother didn’t get a cent of compensation…”

“Later, my brother committed suicide out of despair, leaving my sister-in-law and children behind. My sister-in-law didn't even have a job and owed a lot of debts. She could only go out to do odd jobs.”

“I would often go to Jinan to support them. I didn't expect to encounter this old animal on the plane this time! Look at the watch he wears, look at the mobile phone he uses, and the tens of millions he talked about over the phone! These were all in exchange for the blo

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