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Lin Dongxue hurried to ask, "Where is she?"

"Where we were just at."

Lin Dongxue thought for a moment and suddenly realized. "I seem to understand now. Little Qin disappeared on the evening of August 3rd and Zhang Xiao's 'killing workshop' was accidentally discovered by the neighbors and reported to the police on August 4th. He couldn’t have known this in advance. That is to say, he didn’t need to prepare another hiding place because there was no problem killing two people in one place. Little Qin is in the previous community.”

Xu Xiaodong argued, "But we’ve been to the scene several times. There were no other victims. Wasn’t that dismembered corpse said to have been dead for several days?"

Chen Shi explained, "Remember how the living room was covered with newspapers but was very clean? I think it was intended to be used to kill Little Qin. However, because it was accidentally discovered, the suspect had to transfer her away from that scene."

Lin Dongxue said, "We’ve watched the surveillance video over and over again. We’ve also visited the community many times. If there are suspicious people coming in and out, we shouldn’t have missed them."

"Let’s go and check it out again!"

The three of them drove to the community where the police were called the first time and returned to the crime scene. Chen Shi recalled the situation that day. "That day, the building was crowded with people downstairs. When the police came later, it would be hard for the murderer to take Little Qin out. Perhaps they went upstairs?”

"Or... They rented another hiding place in this building." Lin Dongxue suggested.

Chen Shi pondered. "Xiaodong, call the property manager over."

Xu Xiaodong found the property manager who had a list of property owners that showed which units were rented out. They knocked on each door of these rented units. They were nervous every time they knocked.

It turned out that there were no suspicious tenants in this building.

Finally, they got to the top floor. Chen Shi pointed to the rooftop door with iron chains around it. He asked the property manager, "Is it possible to go to another building from the rooftop?"

The property manager replied, "It’s accessible, but the roof door of each building is locked from the inside just like this door. It can’t be opened from the outside."

"Do you have the key?"

"I do!"

"Open it."

They opened the rooftop door and went onto the rooftop. There were many air-conditioned ventilators and solar panel water heaters on the rooftop. Additionally, there were several cylindrical water tanks. Chen Shi walked to the side of a water tank and climbed up the ladder. The property manager said, "No way! How can there be people hiding in the water tank? And it was locked!"

"What's that smell?" Lin Dongxue sniffed around.

If one were to smell carefully, there was a strange odor in the air, which came out from the gap of the water tank. It wasn’t a stinking

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