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The corridor instantly became chaotic. Zhang Jinlei squeezed Xiao Ran's neck and pushed her down onto the ground. He roared, "It was you who killed her! You killed her!"

Several policemen hurried over to drag him off, but Zhang Jinlei was surprisingly strong and they couldn’t move him, even with several people. In that moment, a terrifying potential burst out of him. Xiao Ran’s eyes had already rolled back and her entire face had changed color while her body twitched.

Chen Shi picked up an aluminum trash can in the hallway, walked over and slammed it violently against Zhang Jinlei's head. He fainted and collapsed onto the ground on top of Xiao Ran.

Tears ran from Xiao Ran's closed eyes. She murmured, "I'm sorry".

Chen Shi was relieved, but Lin Qiupu glared at him and quickly stepped forward to check Zhang Jinlei's condition. Fortunately, he had only fainted. He chided Chen Shi, "What would we do if you had killed him?"

"Well, it was out of legitimate defense!"

Lin Qiupu shook his head helplessly and ordered the two of them to be taken to the hospital, especially Zhang Jinlei, who had to be guarded closely.

Everyone was tired and hungry, but the large stone that had weighed on their hearts had finally been lifted. The six-year serial murder case was finally over. Lin Qiupu said with emotion, "Unexpected. It was really unexpected. The two criminals actually lived under one roof. Did they know about each other?”

"They didn’t know for sure, otherwise Xiao Ran wouldn’t have testified that Zhang Jinlei wasn’t at home on the evening of the 6th."

Lin Qiupu was silent for a while. Chen Shi asked, "What? What sentiments would you like to express?"

"Love is a terrifying emotion."

"No, I think it's his personal problem. Even if Yan Qilin was alive and together with him, they would have eventually broken up. Their relationship wasn’t great... Six girls had appeared before him. He wasn’t moved by them and sent them to hell instead. He only has that dead person in his heart. Is his love very grand and heroic? I don’t think so. He just loves the person in his heart. He’s intoxicated by this pilgrim-like self-satisfaction. Putting it simply,he only loves himself. He wanted everyone to know his pain. This is an extreme and narrow type of selfishness!"

"Do you think that no criminal can be justifiably forgiven?"

"There’re a few exceptions, but this one is definitely a beast in human skin."

"I suddenly remembered a senior who I admired very much. It’s not known whether he’s dead or alive, and his whereabouts are unknown. I wonder if he also wants to tell me: ‘Don't forget me!’?"

Chen Shi snorted disdainfully at his sentimentality. "I think you should forget him. Don't you have me?"

"Get lost!" Lin Qiupu glowered at him.

Chen Shi ignored him and greeted Lin Dongxue who was coming out of the office, "Dongxue, let’s go out for supper. We’ll have a big meal tonight and sleep in tomorrow!”

"Haha, t

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