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Chen Shi interrupted him, "Mr. Zhang, your son was only a teenager at that time, and you told him this?"

Father Zhang smiled, "That was how I told it to him. Our family circumstances cannot be said to be very good. All hope and resources had been invested in my son. I had taught him a lot of life’s truths from childhood and taught him to be a man above men. Therefore, I was very shocked to hear that he was hanging around with this girl. Of course, young people are not comprehensive in their consideration of issues, and they’re easily confused. Therefore, as parents, all the more that we should give them guidance when they are on the wrong path..."

"Have you seen Yan Qilin before?"

"Yes, his mother told him to bring the girl back for a meal. It could be seen that this girl did not have a good upbringing and had very little substance. She was completely like a barbarian. I personally disliked her a great deal. I really didn’t want my son to be polluted by her."

Chen Shi almost wanted to sigh. These kind of greasy middle-aged men had ears that were merely decorations and insisted on saying whatever they wanted to say.

He changed the question, "How does Yan Qilin compare with Xiao Ran?"

Father Zhang suddenly became really enthusiastic. “That’s like comparing heaven and earth. Xiao Ran’s father and I have been colleagues for many years. I know him very well and he’s very knowledgeable when it comes to educating children. The parenting Ranran received was very good. She’s well-mannered and educated. She can’t be said to be proficient in guqin, weiqi, Chinese calligraphy and painting, but her interests are broad. Ranran and Jinlei have often played together since they were children. I’m not opposed to youngsters dating early. If it’s a girl like Xiao Ran, I can accept it. I know that the two of them are together now. Ranran takes care of Jinlei for me every day. I feel relieved. I visit them regularly. Ranran often reports to me on how Jinlei has been doing."

Chen Shi interrupted him again, "But Xiao Ran didn’t do well in the college entrance examination and only scored enough for band 3."

"That was probably an aberrance." Zhang Fu responded with a laugh.

Lin Dongxue interjected, "Is Xiao Ran's father still working in this bank?"

"He was transferred to the head office last year to become a manager." Father Zhang smiled.

Sure enough, this man’s endorsement of girls totally depended on the status of the girl’s parents. He had incurable straight man cancer. The value of the woman totally hinged upon the worth of the man that they were dependent on.

Chen Shi said, "We haven't been able to talk about the key point yet. We aren’t here to listen to your parenting philosophy. I hope you can be frank and save everyone some time."

"Oh, this officer really knows how to make jokes. I’m not frank enough? Am I not sincere enough?"

"In the past, Zhang Jinlei wanted to sever ties with the family because of Yan Q

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