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Everyone arrived at the supermarket and pulled up the surveillance footage, but they unexpectedly found out that the monitored field of view just avoided the location of the incident and they could only see the road in front of the door.

Lin Qiupu furrowed his brows. "Could it be so coincidental? The only camera didn’t capture anything?"

"I think that someone deliberately did it." Chen Shi borrowed a step ladder from the supermarket and went out with Lin Dongxue. He propped up the ladder and got Lin Dongxue to climb up and have a look while he supported it from below.

Lin Dongxue checked around the area. "A little of the dust on the camera has been wiped off." As she spoke, she took photos of it using her phone.

Chen Shi looked around, and noticed that a fruit shop across the street also had a security camera. The police all went over to watch the footage. It took half an hour for them to discover someone in the surveillance footage sneaking to the door of the supermarket late at night, before pulling out a foldable hook and moving the security camera a little.

The time indicated was August 6th, before the murder.

The person captured in the video was wearing a black sweater and was wrapped up tightly. The resolution was too poor for them to even figure out whether the person was a man or a woman.

There was no doubt that the person was the murderer. He was unexpectedly meticulous and had surveyed the place where he would abandon the corpse in advance to eliminate potential risks. Of course, if the murderer hadn’t been so cautious, it would have been impossible for them ro remain at large for six consecutive years.

Chen Shi thought out loud, "Why did they do this?"

Lin Dongxue went to the supermarket to buy two bottles of beverages and handed one of them to Chen Shi. "Isn't that simple? They didn’t want to be filmed."

"But didn't the other camera film them? It shows that it’s not themselves that they didn't want to be captured, but something else..."

"Something else?"

"The car they were driving, or the time of abandonment. Taking this into account indicates that they predicted that the police would investigate their alibi. So, it seems that they’re within our field of view..." Chen Shi muttered to himself. His logical brain was working at full speed. He suddenly looked up. "Remember to copy the surveillance footage from the supermarket!"

Lin Qiupu replied, "Both the supermarket’s and fruit shop’s footages have already been copied."

"Old Peng, Old Peng, accompany me to the scene again."

Chen Shi hustled across the road. Lin Qiupu complained, “Exactly who is the captain around here?" Lin Dongxue said with a smile, "Seeing him so excited, he must have an idea!"

Back at the crime scene, Chen Shi observed the body from all angles, as if he was an artist examining an exquisite piece of art. He opened the deceased's eyelids and moved her arms in order to reconfirm the time of death.


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